Being young and super fit is very bad for your health, and masks narratives gone wild: Links 1, April 9, 2022

1. UPDATE: A Jaw-Dropping 769 Athletes have Collapsed While Competing Over The Past Year – “Avg. Age of Players Suffering Cardiac Arrest is JUST 23”

Over the past year-plus, athletes across the world have been dropping like flies as they compete in games. If they aren’t passed out cold, they are seen gripping their chests in agony, unable to breathe due to sudden cardiac events that hit in the heat of the competition.

This wave of heart issues is unprecedented, to say the least. Never before have we seen young, healthy, world-class athletes experiencing heart issues en masse like this. It has never happened, ever. Furthermore, the timing of this sweeping phenomenon could not be more relevant, coinciding perfectly with the rollout of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

(Please click though to Gateway for the rest of the story)

2. THE PENTAGON has released 1,574 pages of real-life X-Files related to its secretive UFO programme after a four-year battle.

(Meanwhile, the Organization of Household Cats (OOHC) released a 25000 page scratch and sniff about the little red dots that appear on the walls sometimes and no matter how hard you chase them, move in impossible ways and at impossible speeds. Therefore, they must be hyper-dimensional mice. No other explanation. And now to the ministry of fish observing the top of the universe somehow being pelted with even more water.)

[…] The DIA, the Department of Defense’s spy arm, said “some portions” of the documents “must be withheld in part” due to privacy and confidentiality concerns.

But the agency added the “DIA has not withheld any reasonably segregable non-exempt portions of the records”.

The bombshell Freedom of Information haul includes reports on the DIA’s research into the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans.

And this includes burns, heart problems, sleep disturbances – and even bizarre occurrences such as “apparent abduction” and “unaccounted for pregnancy”.

(Tucker Carlson did a segment on this on one of his shows this past week if memory serves. The photos in the article are the usual ones of the “tic-tac” which prove that in a billion dollar fighter jet, the cameras they are equipped with are from a late 1990s Motorola flip phone.)

3. From Disinformation network: CTV ‘News’: Ottawa’s mayor calls for mandatory masks in essential stores, schools and on public transit

Ottawa’s mayor is calling on the Ontario government to make masks mandatory once again in essential settings like grocery stores, pharmacies, schools and on public transit.

And Jim Watson says he has asked city staff to see whether the city of Ottawa can implement its own mandatory mask policy for OC Transpo buses and the O-Train once the provincial mandate ends later this month.

“We’ve got to kill this virus once and for all, and we can’t do it if we take away some of the tools that doctors tell us are the most effective tools keeping us safe,” Watson said.

This week, medical officer of health Dr. Vera Etches said there is “more COVID-19 in the community than ever”, and she is in discussions with the province about reinstating mask mandates. Watson tells Newstalk 580 CFRA’s Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron that he is becoming “more and more worried” about the COVID-19 situation in Ottawa, and some restrictions should be reintroduced.

4. This seems like a good place to reintroduce the Andrew Bostom clip from the other day. Please note: This is Dr. Bostom testifying to a health committee in the Rhode Island Legislature on mask use. Also new information, YOUTUBE pulled this video down as disinformation within 24 hours of its upload. Dr. Bostom attempted to argue that they could not prove any of what he said in his testimony was not factually correct, and of course Youtube could not. But this isn’t about the truth. This is about defending a narrative for revolutionary purposes. So down it went. Please see it below from Bitchute.

5. Study finds face masks are horrible for your health

Despite government health experts claiming that masks are essential to combat COVID-19, a study has found that microplastics in face masks could have exacerbated the virus and caused many health problems.

systematic review of over 57 studies published in the National Center of Biotechnology in 2021 found that “Face masks release microplastics, which are directly inhaled during use or transported through the environment. The latter can adsorb chemical contaminants and harbor pathogenic microbiota, and once consumed by organisms, they can translocate to multiple organs upon intake, potentially causing detrimental and cytotoxic effects.”

The researchers involved with the review say that while more research needs to be done — science never stops — there have been many alarming health consequences related to the inhaling or ingesting of microplastics, including those specifically found in disposable face masks.

According to researchers, several studies have found that inhaling microplastics can cause “chronic inflammation, DNA damage, granulomas or fibrosis, cellular damage, secretion of cytokines, and oxidative stress.”

Thank you all for your continued attention. 

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