All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for April 8th, 2022

1. Says the disinformation champion of Canada

2. Commentary on the removal of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council

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Also, I have direct intel that Chechens from Russia are indeed committing atrocities within Ukraine. Atrocities of a nature that those who followed the actions of the Islamic State would find typical, and are so far away from the Geneva Convention that retaliation of pretty much any kind would be understandable. The use of Chechen Muslims changes the equation a lot. It looks less and less geopolitical maneuvering with a Casus Belli that one might understand, to something very very dark.

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  1. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – EU approved import ban on Russian coal, timber, cement, and vodka

    The EU has approved an import ban on Russian coal as part of a new package of sanctions against Moscow.

    The EU imports 20 Million euros of Russian coal daily, a fraction of what it pays for Russian oil and gas.

    Measures also include an import ban for Russian timber, cement and vodka, prohibits entry for Russian ships to EU ports and a full transaction ban on four key Russian banks.

    A message of support, is what EU Commission President von der Leyen wants to convey on her visit to Kiev.

  2. sky news UK – Ukraine War: UK to send £100m of military support to Ukraine

    Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will send a further £100m of military equipment to Ukraine.

    Speaking at a Downing Street news conference alongside the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, the Prime Minister insisted President Putin must face justice over atrocities committed by Russia.

  3. FRANCE PR4VD4 -‘This is home’: Kiev slowly awakens after Russia withdraws

    Just a few weeks ago, Kiev resembled little more than a deserted ghost town.

    But now, following the withdrawal of Russian troops from the region, the Ukrainian capital is slowly coming back to life, with some of those who fled returning home.

  4. CNN – Turkish drone is so effective, Ukrainian troops are singing about it

    Drones are playing a key role in Ukraine’s counter offensives against Russia’s invasion.

    One is proving so effective that Ukrainian forces are singing its praises

  5. Moscow Shutting Down Amnesty, Human Rights Watch In Russia

    Russia said on Friday it was shutting down the local offices of more than a dozen international organisations including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    Fifteen organisations have been taken off Russia’s registry of international organisations and foreign NGOs due to “violations of the current legislation of the Russian Federation,” the justice ministry said in a statement without providing further details.

    Russia also shut down the local offices of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Aga Khan Foundation, the Wspolnota Polska Association and other organisations.

    The announcement came on the 44th day of Russia’s military campaign in pro-Western Ukraine, with thousands killed and more than 11 million having fled their homes or the country in the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

    Agnes Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International, said her organisation would continue to support Russians.

    “We will redouble our efforts to expose Russia’s egregious human rights violations both at home and abroad,” she said in a statement.

    “In a country where scores of activists and dissidents have been imprisoned, killed or exiled, where independent media has been smeared, blocked or forced to self-censor, and where civil society organizations have been outlawed or liquidated, you must be doing something right if the Kremlin tries to shut you up.”

    Over the past year Russian authorities have been presiding over an unprecedented crackdown on dissent and independent journalism.

    In a watershed moment in Russia’s post-Soviet history, late last year Russia shut down Memorial, the country’s most prominent rights group

    Founded in 1989 by Soviet dissidents including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Andrei Sakharov, it chronicled Stalin-era purges and also campaigned for the rights of political prisoners and other marginalised groups.

  6. MSNBC – Mariupol Mayor Calls Russian Siege ‘The New Auschwitz’

    Mariupol’s mayor reveals at least 5,000 civilians, including 200+ children, have been killed in the invasion.

    It comes as President Zelenskyy accuses Russia of trying to hide evidence of potential war crimes.

    Meantime, the U.S. unleashes new sanctions on Russian elites.

  7. UK – The Sun – Pro-Russian soldiers inspect streets of besieged Mariupol

    Mariupol’s Mayor Vadym Boichenko said on Thursday, more than 100,000 people still need to be evacuated urgently from the city, describing the situation in Mariupol as a humanitarian catastrophe.

  8. Defense Ministry: Mercenaries in Mariupol speak six European languages

    […]– The results of radio interceptions show that, in addition to the Nazi Azov Battalion and the remnants of the Ukrainian armed forces, there is a significant number of foreign mercenaries in the occupied areas of the city. Radio conversations, in addition to Ukrainian and Russian, are conducted in six other foreign languages, mainly European, – said the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

    The Russian Investigative Committee named the killer who sent a rocket from Tochka-U to Kramatorsk, where 30 civilians, including children, died as a result of a falling rocket with a cluster charge, and at least 100 people were injured.

    […]– According to reports, the commander of the 19th separate missile brigade is Colonel Fyodor Yaroshevich. The investigating authorities are establishing a circle of people who carried out the criminal order, – said the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Svetlana Petrenko.

    In connection with the shelling of Kramatorsk by the Ukrainian security forces, the Russian Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on ill-treatment of the civilian population and the use of appropriate means and methods prohibited in an armed conflict, as well as the “public dissemination of knowingly false information about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces”. The articles threaten 15 years in prison.

  9. About #2. The Chechen soldiers see this fight as jihad against the Ukrainians, so says the Chechen Mufti:

    I will never forget or forgive the Chechens. In 2004, I followed their jihad in Beslan where they held Christian teachers, parents and children (even babies) hostage for three days. The jihadis included women as well as men. It was a horror show. They committed unspeakable acts, following the commands of Mohammed who said amongst other evil things that he had been made victorious through terror.
    Here’s a capsule account from Vladtepes 2009:

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