Vaxx Vaxx Vaxx & Tyranny: Links 1, April 3, 2022

Last night we posted an interview/panel with three doctors, hosted by Dr. Sam Dubé on the Covid narrative and the vaccine damage. The science is impeccable and the clarity with which it is all presented is so enjoyable to listen to. Anyone who hasn’t listened to it yet, please see if you can find a way to listen to it when doing chores or on your phone when out for a walk. It’s really well done and valuable information that fills a lot of holes in our understanding. Its also the right mix of what we know, presented in a clear way, with aspects which may of us may not know. So glad Dr. Dubé did this video.

1. 2022 will go down as the year it became deadly to be very healthy.

No sign in the article at all about how or why he died. But I did find something about the club and their vaxx rules.

2. Bill Mahar on Will Smith. A few surprises here.

3. Important minute from interview about how Google and it’s subsidiaries are determining what we can know or see and hear about issues which are life and death to us all.

(If you want an interesting example of this, go to Google and search for the Canadian mandates protest group, “Freedom Fighters Canada”, using that as the search term, and see what you get on the first page. Then do the same in Duckduckgo.)

4. I had kinda expected Bikers to be the next wave of freedom fighters. To be honest, I figured it would be more in the US. They have a massive non-criminal patriot biker community. But hey no complaints if it starts in Ottawa and what a day to start! July1 is the day!

5. Parliament Hill: Once again police attempt to stop someone because you can’t insult Trudeau

Thank you all for your continued efforts during these revolutionary times, to try and keep at least the little bubble in the level in our heads close to the middle.

A reminder about what a chief executive at Bayer said about the “vaccine”.

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