Sterilizing American youth, the newest line of effort for destroying American people, culture and history

BREAKING: DOJ sent a letter to all states THREATENING doctors who won’t chemically neuter or surgically castrate patients w/gender confusion.

America First Legal sued to stop HHS from carrying out this vile threat:

DOJ letter here:

( PDF – 4 pages )

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  1. I’m confused about some of the content in this post. It says “Breaking”, but the lawsuit against this was filed in August of last year. The letter sent yesterday was a REMINDER (and I’m sure it has some novel, new “interpretation”).

    • Thank you EW.

      Removing not only the innocence of childhood, (allowing a child’s mind to learn and develop at their own rate) but violating their nature by removing unconditional affection to one of seeking approval. A love crying out to be filled that can neve be completed with their narcissistic guardian.

      Therefore, maturity into Self of “I am who I am,” does not happen. The runt is only redeemed by Pride.

      The call to prayer to any mother-based cult, reassures them. Moon-God, Communism, and Femaled. Involved in drawing-off-each-other through sex. Pain or pleasure to reawaken the ‘sense of Self’ and the calming of anxiety. Death brings them life – by mimicking reproduction – and never is love.

      Hate, is their life-force.

      What an army of killers.

  2. So-called “Transgender” activists deny the overwhelming scientific evidence that males and females are vastly different in virtually every aspect of their being. These differences are innate and immutable and go well beyond the reproductive organs that a person is born with. They include cellular, muscular, and skeletal differences, and even include brain function, the different ways men and women perceive sight and sound, process information, respond to aggression, display emotions, and interact with children. It simply is scientifically impossible for a person of one sex to “transition” into being the opposite sex. All they can do is attempt to imitate the opposite sex using powerful drug and hormone therapies, and debilitating surgeries. These surgeries are not only 100% elective, and awfully expensive, but they create ongoing health issues that weaken the individuals and require expensive medical treatments and drug therapy for life. They will also be subject to medical complications including heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers. Then they have a much better than normal chance of committing suicide, both before and after the chemical or surgical castration.

    The Left insists there’s no difference whatsoever between boys and girls, or men and women.
    Connecticut is one of 18 states that allow the abomination of pitting biological boys against female competitors who are, on average, 9% shorter; whose bones are smaller and weaker both in terms of size and density; whose heads are smaller; whose elbows, shoulders, fingers, and pelvises are physically different; whose torsos are longer and whose arms and legs are shorter; and, critically, whose bodies have a significantly smaller proportion of muscle mass. But hey, that’s just the science talking.

    Gender Dysphoria is a stupid and dangerous FAD (like the “Tide Pod Challenge” and the “Blackout Challenge”) that has been promulgated by Leftists and designed as a form of post-birth ‘abortion’ to prevent the next generation, because all that really happens is the kids and adults become neutered! No longer male or female! You become a castrated eunuch!

    When you come right down to it the so-called “Sex Reassignment Surgery” is nothing but Cosmetic Surgery! Just self-neutered people, who become neither male nor female… or anything else! They are a self-castrated eunuch through drugs and surgery!
    No matter how or what you try: surgical sex organ mutilation, drugs, change your name, hairstyle, and clothing, or whatever, you just can’t reverse engineer those xx and xy chromosomes into something else. The internal organs are not replaced, they are removed or altered into some ersatz NON-FUNCTIONING component! Only the APPEARANCE of the outer organs is what is changed! You are now gender-nullified, neither male nor female. Your ‘sexual experience’ in your newly chosen preferred “gender” will be far distant from the pleasures of what is considered as ‘normal and natural’, or even Homosexual! God Himself gave those chromosomes to you, at the moment of your conception.

    Physical and psychological well-being should be a grave concern, given that 42 percent of transgender people will attempt suicide at some point in their lives, and people who have had “sex reassignment surgery” are approximately 20 times more likely than the general population to die by suicide, and have a much better than normal chance of committing suicide, both before and after the chemical or surgical castration.
    The damage being done by the Left’s war on gender is also having a devastating effect on “transgender” individuals. A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics found alarmingly high rates of attempted suicide among teens suffering from the so-called “gender dysphoria”.

    The most comprehensive study ever conducted on suicide by those attempting to transform their gender was a 30-year Swedish study that concluded those doing so were 20 times more likely to commit suicide and 2.8 times more likely to be hospitalized for a psychiatric illness. It should be noted that Sweden is also one of the most “trans-friendly” cultures in the world, making these numbers even more alarming.

    Fully half of all adolescents who are born female but instead, “self-identify” as male will attempt suicide. The rate of attempted suicide among those born male but “self-identifying” as female was 30%. And over 40% of adolescents who “identify” as gender nonconforming that is neither male nor female attempted suicide.

    Leftists have passed Laws to legally prevent people from getting the help they most desperately NEED, even if they themselves desperately WANT it! They ban the ability of individuals to receive counseling or therapy to avoid unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Anyone rendering assistance is in violation of that Law. Leftists could not care less about the 42% suicide rate!

    Lost in all this outrage-generating, ‘politically correct’ insanity is that actual people are suffering from our collective trip down the gender-identity rabbit hole. Sex/gender is not “assigned” at birth; it is determined by the DNA of the newly created life at conception. And if every cell in a person’s body carries the XY chromosome, then that person is male, period, and indulging the fiction that a male can become a female, or vice versa, is an exceedingly cruel and harmful.
    Transgenders (those suffering from the so-called ‘gender dysphoria’) have a suicide-attempt rate of more than 40% over their lifetimes (even post-surgery), as compared to less than 5% for the general population. Treating their disorder as normal, and even worthy of celebration, is making the problem worse.
    Those suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ should be treated kindly and aided in getting the treatment they need so that their minds are not constantly at war with their bodies. To do otherwise — is to value an ideology more than life.

    The so-called “Transgenders” and those of the other 112 different and assorted “sexes” need to wear a T-shirt identifying exactly which “gender” they are self-identifying as, today, and by what they are supposed to be “properly” referred to!
    Otherwise, they just need to just go away, and leave normal people alone!

    It’s time to put a stop to this Leftist social engineering. Lives are at stake, and our society is paying an immense price. It’s one thing if these Leftists want to live in a fantasy world of their own, but we must draw the line when they force everyone else to submit to their delusions.

  3. By Any Other Name

    The story of my transition and detransition.

    My name is Helena, and as of this writing I’m a 23-year-old woman who, as a teenager, believed I was transgender. In the years since detransitioning (stopping testosterone treatment and no longer seeing myself as transgender), I’ve become interested in exploring why, in the last decade, nearly every English-speaking country has seen a meteoric rise in adolescents believing they are transgender and pursuing cosmetic medical and surgical interventions. Here, I’d like to go over how and why I came to see myself as transgender, the process of transitioning, and the events leading up to and following my detransition.

    The short version of my detransition story for those who want the bare details is that when I was fifteen, I was introduced to gender ideology on Tumblr and began to call myself nonbinary. Over the next few years, I would continue to go deeper and deeper down the trans identity rabbit hole, and by the time I was eighteen, I saw myself as a “trans man”, otherwise known as “FtM”. Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I made an appointment at a Planned Parenthood to begin a testosterone regimen. At my first appointment, I was prescribed testosterone, and I would remain on this regimen for a year and a half. It had an extremely negative effect on my mental health, and I finally admitted what a disaster it had been when I was 19, sometime around February or March 2018. When the disillusionment fully set in, I stopped the testosterone treatment and began the process of getting my life back on track. It has not been easy, and the whole experience seriously derailed my life in ways I could never have foreseen when I was that fifteen-year-old kid playing with pronouns on Tumblr.

    But what leads a girl with no history of discomfort with stereotypical “girl” toys and clothes, or even the slightest desire to be a boy in childhood, to want to be a “man” through hormonal injections as she approached adulthood? In a vacuum, such a profound confusion leading to such drastic measures sounds like it should be rare and a sign of some sort of severe mental disturbance. Was I a fluke? Was I some kind of idiot who mistakenly believed I was trans because I’m crazy or just downright irresponsible?

    The truth is that there has been an extreme rise in adolescents, especially girls, believing they are transgender. UK NHS referral data shows a 4000% increase in pediatric gender service referrals (not a typo). So-called “gender dysphoria”, which was once a very rare diagnosis that described mostly prepubescent boys and adult men, is now most commonly diagnosed in teenage girls. Activists will argue that these explosive numbers are a result of increased societal acceptance, and that at long last trans people are coming out of hiding and living as their authentic selves. If this were true, one might expect to see comparable rates of transgender identity across all age groups and between both sexes, but its disproportionately adolescent females feeling that warm and fuzzy inclusive acceptance. Considering “acceptance” now implies supraphysiological doses of cross sex hormones and having healthy body organs surgically rearranged, it’s worth a deeper look into what kinds of factors are driving this population clamoring to go under the knife.

    How did it happen?

    on this page :

  4. Five Myths About Puberty Blockers for Trans Kids, Debunked

    This common treatment isn’t controversial among medical professionals.

    Here, from the experts, are the facts about puberty blockers.

    An onslaught of legislation banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth has pushed puberty blockers into the spotlight. Puberty blockers, or simply “blockers,” are one of the main forms of gender-affirming treatment available to trans kids. These medications put a pause on puberty, giving trans and other gender-diverse children more time to consider their options instead of forcing them to go through the physical changes associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. When trans youth don’t have access to puberty blockers, they experience changes to their bodies that can cause intense gender dysphoria. A 2020 study found that trans people who had wanted to receive pubertal suppression but did not were 70% more likely to experience suicidal ideation in their lifetime than those who did receive it.

    The medical consensus is that puberty blockers are safe and effective for trans youth. In a February 23 statement, the Endocrine Society noted that it, along with the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as clinical practice guidelines, supports “evidence-based medical care” for trans kids, which includes puberty blockers.

    Without gender-affirming treatment, trans and gender-diverse kids suffer, often tremendously. Children with gender dysphoria experience anxiety and depression, according to the Mayo Clinic. This distress can be so profound that some children self-harm or attempt suicide. More than half of all teenage trans boys have attempted suicide, according to a 2018 Pediatrics study. Additionally, 42% of teenagers who identify as neither male nor female and 30% of teenage trans girls have attempted suicide. Researchers report that trans adults who had access to puberty blockers as children had a lower lifetime risk of suicidal thoughts and better mental health. And without puberty blockers, trans people are more likely to need surgeries and other intensive medical procedures later in life.

    Despite the medical consensus, many people feel unsure about puberty blockers. The science of puberty is surprisingly complex and hard for laypeople to grasp. That’s not to mention the emotional complexities involved with a kid coming out as trans. The larger cultural wars only add to the anxieties surrounding this treatment.

    There is a lot of misinformation and myths floating around — some spread by the anti-trans bills themselves. Here, we debunk them.

    Myth 1: Puberty Blockers Are Experimental

    “We have a long history of experience with these medications,” says Stephanie Roberts, M.D., a pediatric endocrinologist in the gender multi-specialty clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. “We have used puberty blockers actually for several decades in cisgender children who develop something called central precocious puberty,” which leads to kids “developing puberty abnormally early,” Roberts says. These blockers “are extremely safe and effective,” she notes.

    Puberty blockers do come with a risk of lower bone density, according to the gender clinic at the Oregon Health and Science University’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. But this side effect is manageable. The Doernbecher’s gender clinic recommends that children only take blockers for two to three years. It also recommends that they take calcium and vitamin D supplements and consider doing certain types of exercise (walking, jumping, and weightlifting) to strengthen bones.

    Myth 2: Puberty Blockers Have Similar Effects on Estrogen and Testosterone

    When people talk about puberty blockers, they’re usually using a shorthand for a type of medications called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists, Roberts explains. These are technically a type of hormone, Roberts says.

    A GnRH agonist “works by altering some of the hormone signals in an area of the brain called the hypothalamus, which makes the hormone GnRH,” she says. These blockers are “very effectively taking away the hormone signals in the brain that normally travel to the ovaries or the testes and tell them to make hormones,” she adds. In other words, these medications let kids press pause on puberty.

    On the other hand, when trans and other gender-diverse folks receive gender-affirming hormone therapy, the situation is completely different. Taking estrogen brings on pubertal changes such as breast development, and taking testosterone brings on changes such as increased body and facial hair growth. In other words, puberty blockers temporarily stop these types of bodily changes from occurring, and hormone therapy actively causes these changes.

    Myth 3: Puberty Blockers Are Given to Very Young Kids

    “We do not use puberty blockers in children who have not yet entered puberty,” Roberts says. Since puberty begins at different ages for different children, kids who use this medication will start it at different ages.

    For people assigned female at birth, puberty typically begins between ages 8 and 12 (with early signs being chest budding and an increased growth rate), Roberts says.

    For people assigned male at birth, puberty typically begins between ages 9 and 14. Pinpointing the age of puberty onset for these kids can be trickier. The first sign in someone assigned male at birth is testicular enlargement,” she notes. Unlike say, shooting up inches in height or a deepening voice — obvious physical changes that would typically happen later in puberty — this one likely wouldn’t be noticed by others when someone is dressed, and children experiencing this change might not realize it’s important to mention. “In someone assigned male at birth, puberty can be going on for some time before the family is aware,” Roberts says.

    Myth 4: Puberty Blockers Cause Infertility, Sterility, and Other Irreversible Changes

    “The really wonderful feature of puberty blockers is that they are a fully reversible medication,” Roberts says. When it’s time for kids to finish going through puberty, there is a decision to be made between them, their families, and their medical teams. One option is that they start hormone therapy (estrogen or testosterone) to finish going through puberty typical of a sex differing from the one they were assigned at birth. If they stop the blockers and don’t start receiving hormone therapy, they will go through the puberty of the sex they were assigned at birth — no harm, no foul.

    Myth 5: Kids Are Too Young to Be Involved in These Decisions

    It’s critical that children be involved in these decisions, Roberts says. Although kids who take puberty blockers are too young to provide consent and their parents or guardians must do so on their behalf, most children who are in the early stages of puberty can assent. This means they’re “developmentally ready to participate and be part of that shared decision-making,” with their families and medical team, Roberts says. They’re able to clearly express their wishes for or against certain treatments and consider — with help — the possible benefits and downsides of those treatments.

    • By the time a child reaches puberty Martin, why do you think they dislike their own gender?

      Could single mother-Statehood, femaled schools and impossible body-forms on the internet caused this?

      ” Fatherly | Dad Advice for Parenting, Gear, Life & More”

      Nothing fatherly in this website you brought to argue the case for the harmlessness of puberty blockers. (One day demanded by all children to avoid the adult gaze).

      • I was 100% sure you would react ….

        in this case “FATHERLY “ is paradoxically a real trigger ….

        for me gender doesn’t depend on what you have in your head but on what you have or have not between your legs ….

        as for the harmlessness … last time I took an aspirin was at least 30 years ago… I don’t buy and don’t eat anything that has whatever chemical products in the ingredients … I cook and bake everything I eat … bread cookies etc and drink only tea, milk or red wine

        • ,“I was 100% sure you would react …”

          Thank you, Martin.

          Yes, it was to your heavily emphasized: “Dad Advice for Parenting” – ‘No side-effects from taking puberty blockers and completely reversible.’

          Poisoned by the Doctor.

          in this case “FATHERLY “ is paradoxically a real trigger

          The children are looking for a father, the voice missing in their minds.

          The priest, politician and sexual, block their path, teaching them to be book-read experts just like themselves.

          God, Conservative, Ubermensch. They promised to deliver… but lied. The femaled have nothing, but scriptures and juju as their guides for you. They wouldn’t know what to do if they got there.

          Insides, destroyed by submitting.

          “for me gender doesn’t depend on what you have in your head but on what you have or have not between your legs ….”

          “…what you have or have not between your legs …” does not make you any more a man or a woman, so correctly as you said, this only makes you male or female.

          To find the father is to be a man or a woman.

          The rest is plastic surgery to avoid The Big Upset.

          “…as for the harmlessness… I cook and bake everything I eat…”

          As all meals should be.

      • “But a long-term study by the United Kingdom’s leading facility for treating gender-dysphoric children found otherwise. Contrary to common beliefs about puberty-blocking drugs, the majority of children who take them do not resume puberty.”

        “In light of the growing prominence of gender identity issues in our society, and the appeal that puberty suppression may have for parents raising children who identify as the opposite sex, it is worth examining in detail what puberty suppression is, how it works, and whether it is as safe and prudent as its advocates maintain. As we shall see, the evidence for the safety and efficacy of puberty suppression is thin, based more on the subjective judgments of clinicians than on rigorous empirical evidence. It is, in this sense, still experimental — yet it is an experiment being conducted in an uncontrolled and unsystematic manner”

    • “the sex they were assigned at birth” ???
      “Assigned at Birth” like it was some kind of VARIABLE OPTION?
      Perhaps Leftists will start to “assign” new-borns as some other species?
      “Congratulations it’s an octopus!” or “Congratulations it’s pine tree!” “No, it can’t be, we wanted an Oak!”
      How terrible! Your mom’s obstetrician, your pediatrician and your parents all got it right and you are now to be badgered, bullied, derided, and tormented by LGBTQ Activists for being LABELED by them, as being NORMAL!

      Sex or gender is definitely NOT “Assigned at Birth”! Your mother’s gynecologist was not stupid and made an error, nor were you parents and your pediatrician imbeciles!
      You are the sex that God “assigned” to you at your conception, your DNA was set for LIFE the moment you were conceived!
      There are at least 6,500 Genetic differences between Male and Female and every cell in the body proclaims the difference! Surgery, hormones, drugs, or ‘feelings’ cannot and will not change those scientific FACTS!

      The entire idea of “gender identity” is a made-up concept that does not exist in the real world in which we live. It’s a creature of the Leftist elites who have been seeking to impose it through indoctrination, intimidation, and political correctness. In the real world, we live by a set of immutable rules that help define our physical reality – there’s a thing called gravity, the body requires food and water to survive, we must breathe to oxygenate ourselves, etc. One of those immutable rules in the real world is that each of us are born either male or female. Our sex is a biological reality that cannot be changed by identity, expression, desire, or feelings and certainly not by drugs or surgery.

      Another immutable biological reality among humans is RACE, can you REALLY change your Race just because you ‘Think’ or pretend you are of another Race? (We all know that some Leftist Politicians do claim that, all the time for Political advantages.) Following this line of abject silliness, can you change your shoe size? If you have size 16 feet, should you be able to sue a shoe store for not properly and comfortably fitting you into a size 8? Perhaps instead, you could get your feet surgically trimmed down to a size 8? Of course, you may never be able to walk right again, but that’s OK! You have had your deepest wish fulfilled, you can now show-off your new size 8 feet… from your wheelchair.
      Before you react to this statement, know that the entire “Transgender” movement is just as SILLY!
      It is just a minuscule percentage of humans who really have psycho-emotional disorders that lead them into mental illness and delusion concerning their biological realities.

      When you come right down to it the so-called “Sex Reassignment Surgery” is nothing but Cosmetic Surgery! Just self-neutered people, who become neither male nor female… or anything else! They are a self-castrated eunuch through drugs and surgery!
      No matter how or what you try: surgical sex organ mutilation, drugs, change your name, hairstyle, and clothing, or whatever, you just can’t reverse engineer those xx and xy chromosomes into something else. The internal organs are not replaced, they are removed or altered into some ersatz NON-FUNCTIONING component! Only the APPEARANCE of the outer organs is what is changed! You are now gender-nullified, neither male nor female. Your ‘sexual experience’ in your newly chosen preferred “gender” will be far distant from the pleasures of what is considered as ‘normal and natural’, or even Homosexual! God Himself gave those chromosomes to you, at the moment of your conception.

      In a sexual species, there are two sexes, MALE and FEMALE.
      99.93% of all humans have either the XX or XY sex chromosomes, the remaining 0.07% are mutations, or less than 14.3 out of one million people! A ‘mutation’ is not a separate gender or sex. Given that there is a bit less than 329 million Americans in the USA means that there are just 4,700 people with varying degrees of gender mutations, which would average to only about 94 people per State! All these mutations would be of many differing varieties and degrees, but this does not mean they would ALL want to be “Transgendered”.

      Being one sex and thinking you’re the other is a psychological disorder.
      Mandating a widespread enabling of a psychological disorder is sociopathic.

      Leftists think that injecting cattle with growth hormones is evil, but injecting kids with hormones to supposedly “change their gender” is simply fine! Thus, proving once again, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Leftism is a Mental Disease!

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