More criminal charges against people who support the trucker protest WHEN IT WAS LEGAL: Links 2, March 30, 2022

1. Ontario cop charged for posting video praising truckers

A Durham police officer who posted a video of herself speaking in support of the Freedom Convoy as it headed towards Ottawa is now facing charges under Ontario’s Police Services Act.

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) had originally announced they were investigating Constable Erin Howard in January after she posted the 1-minute video to a now-deactivated Twitter account.

2. (Caution: Global News Link) Quebec media pen letter denouncing criminal trial held in secret, kept off court docket

The heads of Quebec major newsrooms have penned an open letter denouncing a criminal trial involving a police informant held entirely in secret and kept off the official court docket.

The existence of the trial only became public because the police informant accused in the case appealed his or her conviction, and the appeals court issued a heavily redacted ruling critical of the lower court proceedings.

A letter signed by the newsroom leaders of the province’s major media outlets, including The Canadian Press and Global Montreal, stated their indignation and deep concern over the “shadow trial” revealed in a judgment rendered by the Quebec Court of Appeal, which was first published by La Presse.

The letter addressed to the chief justices of the Quebec court, Superior Court and Court of Appeal says it is unacceptable that a trial took place for which no official records were kept regarding the court that heard the case and the identities of the judge or lawyers involved.

(For a solid sense of the Globe and Mail’s use of dialectic attack against a free and democratic Canada, check this article out about the Trucker protest)

National Post link:

[…] The case involves a police informant who was convicted of participating in a crime that he or she had initially revealed to police. The informant claimed he or she was a victim of an abuse of process, but the lower court judge disagreed. The Appeal Court panel, however, sided with the informant and stayed the conviction and the legal proceedings. […]

(I wonder what we would call a state that has secret trials where all the names and details of all participants are hidden?)

3. Anthony Fauci: Americans Should Be Ready for Possibility of a ‘More Rigid Type of Restriction’

(Because the ONLY way the Democrats can steal the midterms is with mail in ballots and keeping everyone at home so they can’t vote in person.)

Dr. Anthony Fauci over the weekend said Americans need to be “flexible enough to pivot” back to a world with restrictions in place — “more rigid” restrictions, specifically — due to the Chinese coronavirus.

Fauci has used recent media appearances to warn Americans that while trends appear to be going in the right direction, they need to be prepared to bring back coronavirus-era restrictions if public health officials deem it necessary. President Biden’s medical adviser made the same remark during an appearance on BBC’s Sunday Morning program as well, warning that people must be prepared for “a more rigid type of restriction.”

(In the article, Fauci launches into the use of language as a tool of control. It’s really quite revealing. Especially given the reveal in RFK Jr’s book that Fauci is a dangerous ideologue who is doing what he is doing for purposes this site will understand. The excerpt is here.)

4. The UK gets the public ready for more restrictions with the usual propaganda. In the next lockdown, being hit with a small bit of lead or a lot of electricity from a state security agent will be said to be better for your health than getting fresh air and sunshine.

Go to 16:50 to get to the Covid segment.

(As for Biden’s constant statements which are contradicted by his own ‘subservients’. the Babylon Bee headline, as usual, gets it more right than any news: Psaki Reminds Reporters That Biden Doesn’t Speak For The President Of The United States

5. Five killed in Tel Aviv in third attack in a week

(Video at site)

Five people were killed in gun attacks Tuesday near the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv, emergency responders said, in the third fatal gun or knife spree in the Jewish state in a week.

Residents of the ultra-orthodox town of Bnei Brak and the neighbouring town of Ramat Gan reported that a man had driven around and opened fire at passers-by, and Israeli police later said security forces killed the assailant.

They did not reveal his identity, but Israeli media reported a Palestinian from the Israeli-occupied West Bank, who had spent four years in the Jewish state’s prisons, was linked to the attacks. They identified him as Diaa Hamarshah.

“We unfortunately have to note that five people have died,” said Eli Bin, head of the Magen David Adom emergency responders, revising upward a death toll of two from shootings in two locations in Bnei Brak.

Two of the five men victims were Ukrainian nationals, Israeli police said on Wednesday.

The relationship between Islamic terror and leftist actions in the past few years makes me think of an old vulgar joke from the movie, “Colours”. I will rework it for this purpose:

“Muslim terrorist to his imam and communist colleagues, ‘Lets run down that hill and attack and enslave us one of them kufars’. ‘No’ said the communist listening to the jihadi. ‘Let’s walk down the hill and attack and enslave them all'”.

Thank you all for your kind and continuous observance and contributions in this time of tremendous uncertainty, distrust, and increasing division between people who ordinarily would have been friends and understood that they had differences of opinions. Witness the video below:

The kindness, tolerance and respect by the Left in the US

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9 Replies to “More criminal charges against people who support the trucker protest WHEN IT WAS LEGAL: Links 2, March 30, 2022”

  1. QUEBEC: It’s quite amazing re Covid.

    Cases are everywhere and all are fully jabbed. From politicians who are self-isolating to restaurants/bars shutting down, as well as the entertainment theatre industry.

    Ex: a bar waitress tests positive and self-isolates. The next day, it’s the barman’s turn and he self-isolates, and on and on it goes. The business shuts down. It’s truly the domino effect on all venues.

    And now, the government and media experts can’t understand why people with symptoms are testing negative while people with no symptoms are testing positive. A REAL JOKE.

    Quebec is the province that had and still has the harshest restrictions and the masking mandate is still enforced. They still haven’t associated the effects of masking on an individual’s health and immune system.

    And on we go as people and businesses are imposing lockdowns on themselves for no valid reason (sniffles). – End.

  2. The last video of woman on airplane disgusted to be sitting next to a Trump deplorable.

    Missing dialogue text 0.22 minutes into video:
    “But you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button”

    “Occurred on January 21, 2017 / Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    Info from Licensor: “These events followed the Presidential inauguration in Washington D.C. in January of 2017. The day after the event, I was flying back home to Montana with my flight departing from Baltimore. The lady in the video promptly began speaking obscenities and insulting me for being at the event calling me names, insulting my appearance and my intelligence. There was a lot of things that were said by her before the recording actually began. By the time the video started, a flight attendant had been called over by another passenger because the lady had already shamed and disparaged other passengers not only in the plane, but in the airport terminal as well. The video begins after the flight attendant arrived to address the lady’s behavior.””

  3. I did not know this was a thing — the Great Resignation. Google indexes it for CNN, NPR, all over. Here I have

    [It sounds like a Chinese plot to undermine the US Economy by encouraging people to think it is socially acceptable to drop out of the economy. Why PRC, not Soviet, I ask myself: because the PRC deals in social credits whereas the Soviets deal in “science.”]

    • Chinese communists just capitalized on Stalin’s plan to collapse America.

      The Great Resignation ties in with the UBI. They’re opposed by “old-fashioned, pro-union labor liberals, for whom dignified work is a positive good, and conservative traditionalists warning against neo-Roman ‘bread and circuses’ that would demoralize and pacify the population.”[*]

      The objective is the same as Bezmenov described: demoralize, degrade the target population.

      That’s one vector of attack.

      Another aims at a more elusive target: the educated, independent thinker. Usually conservative or libertarian. The objective is to engender profound defeatism.

      Chronicle the degeneration of his society – show what you’ve achieved with the lumpen. First train a spotlight on subtle signs of decay. Then pile on: a constant feed of bad news, even as it becomes apparent to the most casual observer.

      It takes skill, but you must keep him engaged to the point of addiction to this demoralizing stuff. Lurid urban crime, fentanyl deaths and family ruin. Sexual perversion, casual cruelty.

      The market is always bear, the U$D has been on the brink every day for decades. Etc. Real stories, the dark side of every cloud.

      You may help him find like-minded defeatists. Hopeless, they’re passive. Neutralized.
      [*] See the article published today: The End of Citizenship”.

  4. 3/ Because the ONLY way the Democrats can steal the midterms is with mail in ballots and keeping everyone at home so they can’t vote in person.

    No, no!
    There are lots and lots of ways. Gotta give them credit: they’ve been stealing elections for a long, long time.

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