Blofeld Schwab delivers his latest dire warnings: Links 3, March 30, 2022

1. Spencer Fernando: Trudeau Is Laying The Groundwork To Criminalize His Political Opposition

This was published on August 20, 2018 We now have an excellent opportunity to check Spencer’s model and see if it tracks.

If he thinks everyone who questions his failure to stop illegal border crossings is spreading ‘hate speech,’ and if ‘hate speech’ needs to be banned as Trudeau claims, what’s the logical endgame of the path Trudeau’s rhetoric is heading down?

In the past few days, we’ve seen Justin Trudeau demonize a women in Quebec for asking about his refusal to stop illegal border crossings, and then say that any questioning of illegal crossings equals “racism” and “hate speech.”

This is more than just reckless political rhetoric. It represents a national ‘leader’ laying the groundwork to criminalize his political opposition.

Let’s look at things logically for a moment.

– Justin Trudeau has repeatedly said that what he calls ‘hate speech’ has “no place in Canada.”

– He is now saying that those who oppose his lack of action on illegal border crossings are spreading “racism” and “hate speech.”

– He has said “fear,” which he accuses the Conservatives (his main political opposition) of spreading, is the biggest threat to Canada

2. Paul Joseph Watson in short video makes two solid points

3. Wanna know what the near future looks like? This might help to know.

4. Aphasia can be caused by the COVID vaccine

How do we know Bruce Willis’ aphasia wasn’t caused by the vaccine? Nobody is talking about it.

I wanted to make sure everyone knows aphasia is one of the thousands of symptoms whose reporting rates were elevated after the COVID vaccines rolled out. It’s #1574 on that sorted list of symptoms elevated by the COVID vaccine that we calculated back in November 2021.

But I also very distinctly remember, very early on after the vaccines rolled out, a story from Dr. Byram Bridle of a teenage girl, perfectly healthy before getting the vaccine, who couldn’t speak shortly after getting vaccinated.

Of course, we now know this wasn’t just a coincidence.

The numbers of reports to the VAERS system bear this out.

Here’s a “baseline” year 2019 for all vaccines put together:

5. New diktat from World President Blofeld.

Funny that the TV doesn’t go all fuzzy though before he talks.


Thank you all for your kind attention and excellent links and comments.

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  1. If I may point out something….

    I don’t question his failure to stop illegal border crossing.

    He HAS failed, no question!

    I question his success at STOPPING *ILLEGAL* border crossings.

  2. 1. Trudeau is laying the groundwork to criminalize his political opposition.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

    Globalism Rising – March 29, 2022

    Scroll down to “Global Rising: Segment 6” & Part 2 (unaired)
    Bill Federer – Historian

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