All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 26, 2022

1. The Daily mail story on the Hunter laptop is all we have so far.

2. Ukrainian ass whipping videos are the new Rick Rolled.

3. PoWs. Translation from Arabic title: 60 captured soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who laid down their arms in Nikolaevka from the combat zone

4. Biden in Poland: Skip ahead to 4:53 to where he steps up to the Mic

5. A look at the geopolitical history of Ukraine. In defence of the Ukraine as an independent nation. A lot of what this guy says is good, and not said enough. The fact that liberalism actually requires nationalism, that was satisfying to hear. Because without nation-states, there is no way to set rules on how we live within them.

6. German state of Lower Saxony makes displaying ‘Z’ symbol criminal offense.

Regional interior minister Boris Pistorius said on March 25 that anyone who uses the Russian symbol to publicly express their support of Moscow’s war against Ukraine will face criminal consequences in Lower Saxony. Another German state Bavaria made a similar statement on the same day.


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  1. MARCH 26 2022 – We need to steel ourselves for a long fight ahead, says Biden

    There were 1,000 people attending a speech by Joe Biden in Warsaw, including Polish officials, dignitaries and vetted Ukrainian refugees.

    • CNN –Clapper: Biden’s Putin comments may have been intended for a specific audience

      Clapper shares his thoughts after Biden said Putin “cannot remain in power” during remarks in Poland.

      The White House said afterward that it was not a call for regime change:

  2. CNBC – Janet Yellen: ESG movement is not creating our energy problems

    Yellen sits down to discuss U.S. energy production, the Russia-Ukraine war and more.

  3. Prank call with UK Defense secretary on Ukraine.

    The UK defence secretary Ben Wallace on situation in Ukraine on March 17th 2022:

    ‘We always wanted you to join NATO which is why our training teams were there to help you over the last 5 years trying to get to the right stage, and you were there.’

    ‘What we don’t want to do is see you bullied into making decisions like recognising Crimea is Russia.’

    ‘I don’t think Russia should be able to demand anything other than going home.’

    Video-prank with UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace (Full Video)

    ‘On March 17, 2022, Vovan and Lexus (Alexei Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov) held a video conference with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on behalf of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal.’

    Note: Some part of the conversation has been deleted by Vovan and Lexus because it is likely to affect the national security of the UK.

    on rumble


    • UK defense chief demands prank call censored

      London has asked YouTube on Wednesday to censor any videos of the call between pranksters Vovan and Lexus – pretending to be the Ukrainian PM – and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, claiming they are propaganda by the Russian state that was manipulated to show falsehoods and undermine British reputation and Kiev’s morale.

      “We are calling on YouTube to help us support Ukraine by taking down videos doctored by the Russian state and disseminated to try and sap the morale of a people fighting for their freedom,” said the defense ministry (MoD) in London.

      In the attached letter – which lacks the name of both the sender and the recipient – the ministry claims “the Russian State was responsible for the hoax call” and that “Russian disinformation presented in this video creates a substantial risk to UK national security” as well as “risk to international unity working to support Ukraine.”

      The MoD claims the videos were “modified and edited” to show Wallace saying things that are not true, such as that the UK is “running out of our own” NLAW anti-tank missiles.

      This is “factually incorrect,” the MoD said in the letter. “We have no supply shortages.” Another claim the MoD labeled false – presumably made by the pranksters – was that the NLAWS sent to Ukraine “often failed.”

      “Any perceived failure of our lethal aid supplied to support Ukraine will provide an immediate detrimental effect upon the morale of Ukrainian forces,” the MoD letter said.

      “I am confident you would not wish to be a conduit for Russian propaganda or be in any way associated with the potential consequences of this type of media manipulation,” the unnamed MoD official tells YouTube, demanding that the platform “remove (or at least block) access” to any videos of the call.

      Wallace raised a stink over the call last Thursday, claiming he hung up on the person pretending to be Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal after getting suspicious about the “misleading” questions. It later emerged that the Microsoft Teams call lasted for almost 10 minutes, and came while Wallace was visiting Poland.

      Blaming the government in Moscow, the minister denounced the call as an example of “Russian disinformation, distortion and dirty tricks” and launched an internal security investigation into how the pranksters were able to contact him in the first place.

      On Tuesday, the notorious pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov – going by the monikers Vovan and Lexus – confirmed they had been behind the call and posted several teasers, saying the full video would be up soon. The duo has a long history of pranking celebrities and public figures, including Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They have denied being agents of the government.

  4. reuters – France summons Russian envoy over embassy Twitter cartoon that mocked Europe

    Russia’s ambassador to France was summoned on Friday to the French Foreign Ministry over an earlier embassy Twitter post that Paris deemed unacceptable, the foreign ministry said.

    The Russian Embassy in Paris on Thursday had posted a picture depicting a body lying on a table called “Europe” with characters representing the United States and European Union jabbing needles into it.

    “We made that clear today to the Russian Ambassador,” the ministry said in a statement sent to Reuters. “We are trying to maintain a demanding channel of dialogue with Russia and these actions are completely inappropriate.”

    Speaking to reporters in Brussels, President Emmanuel Macron dismissed the cartoons as false propaganda.

    “It’s unacceptable. We believe in a respectful dialogue and will continue it and that means respect on all sides. It’s a mistake. It’s been corrected and I hope it won’t happen again. We demanded it.”

    France’s European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune had slammed the cartoon post on Thursday calling it “a disgrace” in response to the drawing which had been posted earlier in the afternoon by the Twitter account of the Russia Embassy in France (@AmbRusFrance).

    The picture has since been removed from the embassy’s feed.

    The drawing implied that the European continent was being destroyed by policies undertaken by the United States and the EU.

    The needles, seen being jabbed into the body illustrating Europe, contained words such as “NATO”, “COVID-19”, “Cancel Culture” and “Sanctions”.

    The Russian Embassy in Paris had timed its publication of the cartoon to coincide with Thursday’s unprecedented triple summit in Brussels of NATO, the G7 and the European Union to discuss how to tackle Russia’s war in Ukraine.

    Western leaders met in Brussels to strengthen their forces in Eastern Europe, increase military aid to Ukraine and tighten their sanctions on Russia as Moscow’s assault on its neighbour entered its second month.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has sought to keep dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin and continues to speak regularly with him as part of efforts to get a ceasefire and begin a credible negotiation between Kiev and Moscow.

  5. Zelensky in talks with Academy to make Oscars appearance

    Zelensky has been in talks with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to make a video appearance during Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards, The Post has learned.

    Academy officials still are debating on whether Zelensky will indeed appear briefly on the show, sources said. It’s also not clear if he would appear live or in a taped message. Sources said the debate centers on whether the Oscars should remain apolitical as the Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on.

    The Academy declined to comment to The Post.

    ABC, which is broadcasting the show, is said to be in favor of Zelensky, a former actor, making a statement. ABC did not return requests for comment.

    Meanwhile, it’s believed that Ukranian-born actress Mila Kunis, who raised $35 million with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, for the Ukranian refugees, will make a statement during the awards show.

    Zelensky has been vocal about his gratitude for Kutcher and Kunis’ efforts.

    On Twitter Sunday, the leader shared a photo of himself in a Zoom meeting with the Hollywood couple.

    “@aplusk & Mila Kunis were among the first to respond to our grief. They have already raised $35 million & are sending it to @flexport & @Airbnb to help refugees. Grateful for their support. Impressed by their determination. They inspire the world. #StandWithUkraine,” he wrote.

    In recent days, the Academy has been tight-lipped on whether it will weigh in on the war.

    The show’s executive producer, Will Packer, told reporters during a virtual press conference on Thursday: “This is a really [momentous] time in humankind history, and we’re very aware of that. And so you don’t go into a show like this, I don’t think, and not be aware of that and not find a way to respectfully acknowledge where we are and how fortunate we are to even be able to put on this show.”

  6. CNN – Sean Penn vows to destroy Academy Award if Zelensky isn’t invited to speak at Oscars

    Sean Penn speaks about his experience in Ukraine

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