Trudeau gets the greeting he deserves at home from the EU: Links 2, March 24, 2022

1. Douglas Murray: “American politics is a kind of strange geruntocracy”.

2. Trudeau is appropriately introduced in the European Parliament

3. Madeline Albright:

4. Shakespeare should be scrapped from GCSE syllabus for being ‘difficult’ – English teacher tells GB News

(Another perfect example of a line of effort against Western Civ. They would do the same thing to Dante Alighieri except it actually is so difficult people don’t read it as much. I belueve Cervantes is very close to being cancelled. Leftists trash statues of him in Europe)

Shakespeare should be scrapped from school’s GCSE syllabus according to English teacher Zahara Chowdhury.

The teacher of ten years blamed the Bard, which is the only compulsory write on the secondary English curriculum, for putting students off literature as they find the language too inaccessible.

Speaking on GB News, she said: “I don’t think Shakespeare should be cancelled, nor should his texts be banned, I don’t think students should hate Shakespeare either.

“…But the accessibility of Shakespeare’s language for a range of students is actually quite difficult and then can form a barrier to students’ enjoyment of literature.”

Presenter Isabel Webster responded saying the reason the texts are kept on the curriculum is because of they are “historically the most successful items of British literature”.

(Mass immigration is a project of negation of the target cultures. Multiculturalism, is a classically leftist term meaning no culture at all. One negates the other. At the end, the state is God. Which is the point.)

5. Canadian union leader, Jerry Dias of UNIFOR busted for taking money from unnamed provider of a Covid rapid test. I wonder if its the one that was recalled?

Thank you all so much for caring about these issues enough to consider a counter-narrative PoV. The fact that CBC did the video above is probably something like why the NYT admitted to the Hunter Biden laptop. There is another reason at work. Brad Johnson addresses that.

A helpful hint for the new Supreme Court nominee



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  1. 3.

    Ah, it was Albright that said that at the time.
    I didn’t remember the person who said it, but I’m pretty sure the Devil made her very welcome.
    Good riddance

  2. Non-Discriminations (ID 22-47) Denton Texas City Council Meeting.

    “The Denton City Council passed its first non-discrimination ordinance Tuesday night, a piece of legislation introduced two years ago, officially adding gender identities and sexual orientation as protected classes.”

    Martin Epstein (phonetic):

    “My Openly Gay six year old Transgender nephew…wanted the covid-19 vaccine.. for the Greater Good of Humanity

    He recently had a heart attack.. but the doctors say they don’t know what caused it.

    But I know what caused it… it wasstress from the Donald Trump Supporters and the Science Deniers… Racist, Biggot, Homophobe!”

    Where is this anger really coming from?

    Because, no six year old should ever be concerned with Social Responsibility and Gender Identity.

    The world got in his fatherless home. The murder of the child, was the stress passed-on from the resentful adults around.

    Instead of learning to be himself, he learned to become the approval of others. And as castration is the most projected wish today, it came to pass.

    “One of the people I look up to, who I’ve begun to love, Is Klaus Schwab and he said by 2030, you will own nothing, and be happy. And I stand with him because I am not selfish.”

    “The basic concepts are perennial in their attraction to those who seek to dominate:

    Create an uber class of those who are highly positioned in both industry and politics.

    Cripple the middle class economically, so that they no longer have the power to make their own life decisions.

    Offer dramatically increased dependency on the State as a relief from the economic hardship created by the state.

    Remove freedoms, in trade for the promise of largesse from the State.

    Institute a police state and totalitarian rule to ensure that the new paradigm will be lasting.

    Once controls are fully implemented and the populace has become dependent on the new system, begin to remove the promised entitlements.”

    ‘Dr Fauchi was making a vaccine for White Supremacy – I Hate myself!’ He then takes The Knee for all Blacks. Those he feels he offended, not the Middle Class generators of wealth who are Class Traitors.

  3. I think that we will know that the world is returning to sanity when those who promote ignorance and division in our educational bodies are summarily fired, together with those who appointed them in the first place.

  4. # 4 For a readable (and quite poetic) translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy read
    Anthony Esolen’s translation:

    “Midway upon the journey of our life
    I found myself in a dark wilderness,
    For I had wandered from the straight and true.
    How hard a think it is to tell about,
    That wilderness so savage, dense and harsh,
    Even to think of it renews my fear
    It is so bitter death is hardly more.
    But to reveal the good that came to me,
    I shall relate the other things I saw.
    How I had entered, I can’t bring to mind,
    I was so full of sleep, just at that point
    When I first left the way of truth behind.”
    (Opening lines of “The Inferno”)

    Relevant for today perhaps?…….
    (Thanks for the opportunity to share these lines, I wish I could get everyone to read
    the Divine Comedy. Hillsdale College has a free online course on Dante, which is one of the best I’ve seen.)

    I don’t read Shakespeare very often, but when I do I wonder why not, and I can’t resist a quote:

    “But ’tis strange;
    And oftentimes to win us to our harm,
    The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
    Win us with honest trifles, to betray us
    In deepest consequences.”
    (Banquo in “Macbeth”)

    I hope many children continue to read Shakespeare, not all teachers think it beyond them.
    Thank goodness.

    • Thank you EW.

      The best book in my youngest teenage years was Inferno
      By Authors Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

      “After being thrown out the window of his luxury apartment, science fiction writer Allen Carpentier wakes to find himself at the gates of hell. Feeling he’s landed in a great opportunity for a book, he attempts to follow Dante’s road map. Determined to meet Satan himself, Carpentier treks through the Nine Layers of Hell led by Benito Mussolini, and encounters countless mental and physical tortures. As he struggles to escape, he’s taken through new, puzzling, and outlandish versions of sin—recast for the present day.”

      My son at the same age equally devoured it.

      • That is one of my favorite books of all time. The fact that no one has made a movie with it is a crime against humanity. I must have read it 5X but cannot even find it now,

    • It was my favorite way back when, too.
      John Ciardi’s translation.

      This, from his intro to the translation:

      “When the violin repeats what the piano has just played, it cannot make the same sounds and it can only approximate the same chords. It can, however, make recognizably the same “music,” the same air. But it can do so only when it is as faithful to the self-logic of the violin as it is to the self-logic of the piano.”

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