Mostly vaxx and Covid related items: Links 1, March 23, 2022

1. Peter McCullough: The vaccine accelerates death from other causes, insurance companies are seeing the results

2. UK today: how come? most people are vaccinated and most boosted (3rd shot) especially seniors; so how come? is it vaccinal Abs subverting INNATE Abs from eliminating virus? damaging immune system?

We argued one year ago that the vaccinal antibodies (Abs) are sub-optimal and will damage the immune system (acquired and innate) and I am afraid we may be seeing this now. We need to stop these Pfizer vaccines, Moderna etc. Stop them. I argue it is the vaccine that is causing the rise in infections and thus hospitalization and subsequent deaths.

3. A little spoof on fanatical support of the war in Ukraine

Full video:

(Right or wrong, this video wouldn’t exist without the clear and excessive media narrative pushing one side of this thing without even acknowledging the other. Rewatching the documentary on Robert McNamara, the secretary of defence under Kennedy, he explains that empathy with the enemy is critical to winning a war. Winning of course also means not fighting it when there is a way to solve an issue without fighting a war. This presumably means at least acknowledging their grievances.)

4. Ukrainian president doing politics as a comic

5. This woman (i guess) should make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

Yes she will make a great one.

Odd that the claim is the first black woman on the Supreme Court then, if she cannot categorically state she is indeed a woman. Or even alive.

6. In Orange County, Florida there is a brand new policy for the current academic school year relating to student athletics. Starting from September 2021, all student-athletes are required to undergo an electrocardiogram and be cleared by a cardiologist prior to playing on a sports team at any of the county’s schools.

(Now that’s new!)

Thank you all for your continued readership.

I know it’s getting weird. But please bear with us. We attempt to present counter-narratives and truths that are hidden and analysis of what we thing is the strategic level thinking which drives much of what we see in the created reality we are all now immersed in. There will be times when this is difficult to do, and to read, and to understand at all levels. But seeing all this as a created reality, a Pseudo reality, being used as an attack on actual experiential reality, helps a lot.

I push Stephen Coughlin’s paper a lot here. But probably not enough. Its a huge ask to read it. But those that are curious, try even 4 or 5 pages a day for a week or so, and see what it does to your understanding.


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  1. The following Quote is from Sefton Delmer, former British Chief of `Black propaganda’: (He said this after the German surrender, in 1945, in a conversation with the German professor of international law, Dr. Friedrich Grimm.)
    I took the liberty to change the Nationality from German to Russian.

    “Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Russians, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing.
    Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final.
    Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth.”

    Wartime British black propaganda chief Sefton Delmer (1904-1979) told a new recruit:

    “We are waging against Hitler (Putin) a kind of total war of wits. Anything goes, so long as it serves to bring nearer the end of the war and Hitler’s (Putin’s) defeat. We are up to all the dirty tricks we can devise. No holes are barred. The dirtier the better. Lies treachery, everything.” (Black Boomerang, p. 181)

    “I gazed into the mirror… There, staring at me, was the pallid, flabby-mouthed face of a crook” Sefton Delmer, Black Boomerang, p. 218)

    I guess everybody get’s where I’m going with this.

    • “All over the democratic world, people are learning the words “Slava Ukraini!” – Glory to Ukraine! – donning blue-and-yellow garments, participating in pro-Ukrainian demonstrations…

      [T]he U.S. public generally has about three weeks of attention for any overseas calamity (see the temporary wave of outrage that followed the abandonment of Afghanistan last year). Yet the response to the invasion of Ukraine seems bigger and more likely to endure…

      “We may speculate as to why this is, but a significant part of the explanation is surely the skillful way in which Zelenskiy has used television and social media to win the world’s sympathies. Most Americans also recognize a war of independence when they see one.

      “I am reminded of the way the British public in the 19th century would periodically embrace an ethnic group fighting for its freedom. The Greeks in the 1820s, the Poles in the 1830s, the Germans and Italians in the 1840s, the Bulgarians in the 1870s – all these causes aroused passionate support in Britain, and equally passionate condemnation of the despotic empires of the Ottomans, Romanovs and Habsburgs.

      “However, spasms of moral outrage tend to contribute very little of practical use to those intent on building nation-states. That was Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck’s point in 1862, when he declared: “Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided … but by iron and blood.”

  2. “SEN. KENNEDY: “When does life begin, in your opinion?”

    JUDGE JACKSON: “Senator, um… I don’t know.”

    SEN. KENNEDY: In your mind’s eye. Hey, can we get someone with a conscience over here?

    JUDGE JUDY: Unless it was an Industrial accident. Then you can sue the Porn Industry.

    SEN. KENNEDY: It is to make a child that is wanted. You know what you’re doing. That’s, when life begins.

    JUDGE JACKSON: Senator, um… I don’t know what you just said, but a zygot is not actually a life under the Law.

    JUDGE JUDY: Two of you in my office now!

    JUDGE JACKSON: Senator, um…

    JUDGE JUDY: You’re going to make a life

    SEN. KENNEDY: I’m not going to make my kid miserable…

    JUDGE JUDY: You get it Judge Jackson, now back to your seat

  3. World to Ukraine’s leader :
    Your comparison of the Holocaust to today’s fight is abhorrent and historically inaccurate. The Jews didn’t have an army, anti-aircraft missiles,and 100,000 rifles to distribute to our people.
    Israel to him:
    What have you considered contributed to the Jewish nation/people? UN condemnation and children who are baptized.

  4. Item 1 – Massive Covid in wastewater

    ** Ontario wastewater testing shows ‘sustained increase’ in COVID-19 rates **

    Those Covid Messenger Jabs, the ones that haven’t hooked into our organs, do exit the body. But sometimes, it takes a while.

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