Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 22, 2022

1. Tucker Carlson’s opener from March 21, 2022.

Let me add the following by way of prelude:

It is increasingly hard to know what is real and what is Russian or for that matter, WEF/Western disinformation. (At this point, I prefer the term, “lies”.) The clip of the order to castrate Russian soldiers Tucker plays, came to our attention yesterday, but wasn’t posted because we couldn’t vet it, and its implications are large. Tucker explains that it is real, the man who gave the order, a Ukrainian General, admitted it and apologized for issuing an order which is a war crime. But at least we can know its legit.

There are other indicators that NATO countries are ramping up for armed conflict. And rumours that Russia has plans for Soviet manifest destiny. Well actually, according to Jeff Nyquist, that is actually what Putin said out loud. So if we take him at his word, we have a problem.

As I rewatch the Tucker clip, I’m reminded of something Christopher Hitchens said when he was taking flak for supporting the second war on Saddam Hussain’s Iraq. Quoting from memory:

“It’s unfortunate that the government feels its easier to frighten people than convince them”.

Is that what is going on now?

Here is Tucker’s clip which is the best way we know how to open the Russia Ukraine post for today.

2. Hungary: Hungarian Gripens alerted again, unidentified aircraft appear in eastern part of country

(From Google Translate)

Gripen [Fighter aircraft] of the Hungarian Armed Forces have been alerted to an aircraft arriving from Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense (HM) told MTI on Monday night.

According to the ministry, in the afternoon the NATO Joint Air Operations Center ordered the take-off of Hungarian fighter jets because an unidentified aircraft appeared on the radar in the eastern part of the country and headed for Slovakia. The Gripens checked the indicated airspace, carried out a patrol task there, and after being convinced of the safety of the airspace, they returned to the base in Kecskemét, the HM wrote.

This was the third alarm of the Hungarian Army’s Gripen since Saturday.

On Saturday, at night, fighter planes had to take off over a civilian Airbus A321 plane from Georgia to Poland because a plane flying in Romanian airspace signaled a bomb threat to civilian air traffic control. The passenger was escorted by the aircraft of the Romanian Air Force to the Romanian-Hungarian border, where the task was taken over by the fighters of the Hungarian Armed Forces on the alert of the NATO Joint Joint Air Operations Center. The A321 aircraft was escorted out of Hungarian airspace, and the Slovak Air Force took over. The Gripens then remained in the air for a short time and then returned to the base in Kecskemét.

At dawn on Monday, Hungarian fighter jets took off again due to a bomb threat. A Turkish-branded civilian plane from Moscow to Istanbul signaled a bomb threat over Polish airspace. Upon arrival in Hungarian airspace, the plane with Turkish insignia was identified by fighter jets and then escorted to the Hungarian-Romanian border, where it left Hungarian airspace. The Gripens remained in the area after the plane left Hungarian airspace and performed a patrol task, after which they returned to the base in Kecskemét – the HM said in the morning.

3. In a democracy, you bypass all due process and punish people right there and then on the street for, whatever he did.

Maybe his mask slipped off his nose at Costco.

Caption here reads: Beating Marauders in Melitopol. 18+ Do not watch for the faint of heart! Google translated from Russian. So maybe this is Russian propaganda or maybe this is what they are doing to looters in Ukraine. Looting in wartime is typically treated pretty harshly. Only the government is allowed to do that.

Don’t let the propaganda fool you. These are really adverts for packing tape. It is interesting though, that a passing guy beats the fellow tied to the tree with the butt of his rifle. Might explain why Trudeau is so fond of the place and its leader.

4. Trudeau headed to Europe for emergency NATO meetings


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  1. Moral implications?
    This is a WAR, morality and not truth is the first victim in any War.
    Even if this war is supposedly a defensive War against an Agressor.
    But one should ask why did Russia invade the Ukraine in the first place and where was the moral outrage of what happened – ethnic clensing – in the Ukraine over the last 8 years?

  2. The only way Russia gets its “manifest destiny” is if they resort to tactical nukes and the West folds. If the West instead responds like in kind, we are all f*cked.

    I’m now seeing “defense analyst” types justifying first use of tactical nukes, and claiming it will not lead to strategic nukes. Scary and dangerous thinking.


      Yesterday, he banned his main opposition party that held 43 seats in Parliament and others; whatever leftover parties are meaningless. He also said he is open to discussions with Putin to resolve the situation.

      Today, Zelensky says any territory that wants to secede must go through a Parliamentary referendum process. This is a guaranteed win in his favor. The previous referendums don’t count.

      This guy is willing to destroy his nation and set off lateral wars to satisfy his ego.

      Toward end of video clip:

  3. Germany honors Nazi camp survivor killed in Ukraine

    Lawmakers held a moment of silence in memory of a man who survived several Nazi concentration camps during World War II but was killed last week during an attack in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

  4. NATO armored vehicles spotted 3 kilometers from the border with Belarus

    Three kilometers from the Belarusian border, a large-scale transfer of NATO armored vehicles was noticed.

    NATO countries went on an unprecedented provocation near the border with neighboring Belarus, placing several dozen units of various armored vehicles here. This, presumably, is about the start of the BullRun-18 military exercises, announced by the Polish side a few days ago. However, the appearance of military equipment only 3 kilometers from the Belarusian border indicates that NATO is fundamentally going for provocations.

    + video


  5. europravda – The climate crisis and the invasion of Ukraine ‘have the same roots’, says expert

    Ecocide is being committed in Ukraine and it may ‘take decades’ for the environment to recover.

  6. the gateway pundit – They May Want to Take a Step Back and Reevaluate: Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazi Group in Ukraine

    Here’s a real head-scratcher.

    Israel is arming the Azov neo-Nazi group in Eastern Ukraine.

    Apparently, the same people who accused every Trump supporter of being a Nazi suddenly are silent when an actual Nazi group is open and active in Eastern Ukraine.

    Israel is arming the neo-Nazi Azov group in Ukraine.

    Electronic Infifada reported:

    Israeli arms are being sent to a heavily armed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine, The Electronic Intifada has learned.

    Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the fascist group’s hands, while Israeli human rights activists have protested arms sales to Ukraine on the basis that weapons might end up with anti-Semitic militias.

    In a letter “about licenses for Ukraine” obtained by The Electronic Intifada, the Israeli defense ministry’s arms export agency says they are “careful to grant licenses” to arms exporters “in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government entities.”

    The 26 June letter was sent in reply to Israeli lawyer Eitay Mack who had written a detailed request demanding Israel end all military aid to the country.

    Azov’s official status in the Ukrainian armed forces means it cannot be verified that “Israeli weapons and training” are not being used “by anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi soldiers,” Mack and 35 other human rights activists wrote.

    They had written that Ukrainian armed forces use rifles made in Israel “and are trained by Israelis,” according to reports in the country.

    The head of the Israeli arms export agency declined to deny the reports, or to even discuss cancellation of the weapons licenses, citing “security” concerns.

  7. “And rumours that Russia has plans for Soviet manifest destiny. Well actually, according to Jeff Nyquist, that is actually what Putin said out loud. So if we take him at his word, we have a problem.”

    If Putin said it out loud, then surely, you can point us to the passage so we can make up our own minds. We then don’t have to take Jeff Nyquist at his word — a person I have never heard of. This is propaganda, Eeyore. Please don’t stoop to it.

    • Is Putin a Communist?
      by J. R. Nyquist – December 21, 2017


      And this speech is not anomalous. In 2005 Putin publicly said, “First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. As for the Russian people, it became a genuine tragedy. Tens of millions of our fellow citizens and countrymen found themselves beyond the fringes of Russian territory.”

      Putin: “collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century” (English 2005)
      @ 1:54
      WorldNews – Annual Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
      April 25, 2005 – The Kremlin, Moscow

      • Thank you for the reply, looking forward to it.
        Please note that mourning the fall of USSR is not the same as wanting to reconstitute it. I cheered it, but that does not prevent me from acknowledging that it was a very tragic time for Russians, esp. given the aftermath.

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