Five items on the vaxx, and a simple and failsafe solution to vaxx misinformation they will never, ever, use: Links 1, March 22, 2022

1. Italian cyclist Sonny Colbrelli recovering after collapse at Volta a Catalunya

    • Bahrain Victorious rider collapsed after opening stage
    • Cardiac tests have shown ‘no signs of concern’

Cardiac tests on Italian rider Sonny Colbrelli have shown no signs of “concern or compromised functions” after he collapsed at the end of the opening stage of the Volta a Catalunya, his team Bahrain Victorious said on Tuesday.

Colbrelli, 31, was edged out by Australia’s Michael Matthews on Monday in a tight end to an uphill stage finish and fell to the ground after crossing the line. Reports said medics performed CPR at the scene.

In a statement, his team said: “After being admitted to Hospital Universitari de Girona Dr Josep Trueta, Sonny Colbrelli was conscious and feeling OK. He has since been in touch with family and friends as he recovers at the hospital.

(Must be all the beer and burgers and unhealthy lifestyle professional cyclists are so famous for)

2. Here is a link to a paper we published by a Ph.D in biology we are familiar with, from March of 2020. This is an analysis of a paper by Indian scientists looking at the Sars Cov-2 Virus or Covid19 as we call it now. It discusses the link to HIV and how it has to have been an artifact. Its interesting how this was dismissed as conspiracy at the time, and all traces of the paper, (which can be downloaded from here) got removed from social media at the time. The two things which stand out given the 2 year distance, is that the paper speculated that the virus was a bioweapon, and that there was an insert of HIV into the spike protein, which is trillions to one against this occuring naturally and must have been via gain of function work.

I think today the scientist who wrote the analysis for us, as well as the Indian scientists who did the original banned paper are more than fully vindicated. We were given the keys to the apartment back then. We now know enough that criminal charges of the highest possible order should be drafted and served.

3. 40% Rise Nationwide in Excess Deaths Among 18- to 49-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show; Highest state sees 65 percent increase in prime-age mortality, only 36 percent attributed to COVID-19; my take, ‘VACCINE’

This is vaccine, folks, we have told these people the vaccine is driving infection (infectiousness on the spike) and will cause more variants, but importantly, will cause increased virulence/lethality.

40% rise

This ‘excess mortality’ is a key indicator that the vaccine is driving deaths beyond COVID infection, its the difference between what you would have expected in a defined time period vs what you actually got or observed.

4. Steve Kirsch Newsletter: A simple way to end vaccine misinformation immediately

All a state has to do is MANDATE autopsies for anyone who dies within 2 months of a vaccination. The Medical Examiner would be required to make the results public.

If they really wanted to end vaccine misinformation, all they need to do is require autopsies that check for vaccine injury and publish the results

If they truly wanted to end vaccine hesitancy, all they have to do is require autopsies if you die within 60 days of vaccination and require the medical examiners to make the required tests to determine vaccine involvement (as doctors Bhakdi and Burkhardt have done) and publish them. Publishing a fraudulent report would be a criminal offense.

This would end the debate.

Or they could simply require all licensed embalmers to check for the telltale clots and make the numbers public. Again, it would be a crime to falsify reports.

Or they could do both.

Why don’t they do this?

5. But remember, there is nothing political about this virus or vaccine. Its science.

Thank you all who contributed to this post today and this week so far. And for the great conversations and contributions in the comments. Community matters more than ever now as the powers that control the narrative seek to divide us and make us turn on each other. So remember that disagreements are about issues not people. Those of us who know each other would know that different information we may possess or believe, and different ways of looking at it leads to different conclusions. But we know each other’s ethics. Try and remember that when we disagree.

I write this because I fear what is in the future. And I mean weeks not years.


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  1. QUEBEC: In a government-run elderly care establishment, at least 20 deaths since March 8th. All from Covid. And they were all triple-vaxxed. Six units out of eight are affected. As of now, there are 61 active cases. And among the staff, all double-vaxxed+, there are 16 cases.

    It’s in French:

    Everywhere in the province, Covid hospitalizations and ICUs are soaring.

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