Ontario seems determined to maintain massive power through digital ID and enemy propaganda: Links 1, March 19, 2022

I hope many people are watching Tucker Carlson tonight. Communism is being implemented very quickly now in North America. This means as Winston Churchill once quipped, “Capitolism is the unequal distribution of wealth. Communism is the equal distribution of poverty”.

1. Prof. Richard A. Werner

(I’m not aware that this happened in Ontario. But it will. Ontario has now pitched a digital ID posted here on this site earlier today)

2. Where was this guy when governments were shoving mandates and coercion and threats and intimidation and brute force at us all?

2B. apparently, Ontario hasn’t given up on masks. From Enemy Propaganda network, CTV:

Note: Not ONE challenging question or study showing masks are Kabuki. Not one. Classic enemy propaganda technique. The appearance of opposition is given when media demands more and harsher measures than the politicians or “experts” (experts need no qualifiers) even propose. That way the media can pretend to do its job of challenging power and authority while actually aiding and abetting it.

3. Biden needs additional funding for a fourth dose

4. Babylon Bee is not news. But it has a lot more truth than any of the official news channels left in the West.

Media: ‘Gas Prices Have Always Been Above $7 And We’ve Always Been At War With Russia’

U.S.—Mainstream media outlets are reporting this week that gas prices have always exceeded $7.00 a gallon and that we’ve always been at war with Russia. Also, there’s never been such a thing as COVID.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was fact-checked by Snopes after his nightly broadcast. He was given a rating of “Entirely True.”

“Anderson Cooper, and all who agree with him, are correct,” Snopes confirmed. “He has never reported an outright lie or spread misinformation.”

Nightly News With Lester Holt changed its name to “Facts w/ Les” and is just a constant list of things for loyal citizens to be aware of.

“Trans surgery for kids is good. There is no such thing as a slippery slope. We have been at war with Russia since time began. Jussie Smollet is innocent and everyone loves Stacey Abrams,” said Holt.

(Looks like they hired Winston Smith at the Bee, and he finally has a job he likes)

5. About that Swedish Study showinbg reverse transcription where the mRNA of the shots can alter your DNA and cause permanent manufacture of the Spike proteins

Thank you all for your continued effort to make sense of a chaotic planet at this time.

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4 Replies to “Ontario seems determined to maintain massive power through digital ID and enemy propaganda: Links 1, March 19, 2022”

  1. What I’m seriously are hoping for is a massive Solar-flare that will wipe out all of this Electronic Surveilance and everything connected to it.
    Then these people will fail in more ways than one, since they cannot create anything that gives or sustains Life.
    Let them eat their worthless Money.

    The Self-sufficient Man is a Happy Man

    And learn to use Pen and Paper again.

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