Lara Logan on the war, Corbett Report uses a device to make a point, Vaxx damage: Links 1, March 19, 2022

1. Epoch Times on the ten thousand pages of Pfizer docs

10K Pages of Pfizer Docs Reveal 158K Adverse Events, 42K Case Reports, 1.2K Deaths in First 3 Months

2. Here is the full clip of Lara Logan on Russia and the narrative. Write up at RAIR Foundation

3. twitter @PoliticalShort

Here are the names of the 50 intel officials who signed a letter saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

As @RichardGrenell has pointed out, none of these officials had a single piece of raw intel indicating it was disinformation.

They made it up to help Biden.

4. Corbett Report on Trudeau’s real agenda, based on discovered documents:

(You have to stick with it. He uses a device to make his point, so don’t search for the Canada-US document till the end. His point is about Russia and Agenda 2030. So stick with it.)

5. All Cause mortality seems to be up for some strange reason. A lot.

Thank you all for maintaining the vigil. 

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5 Replies to “Lara Logan on the war, Corbett Report uses a device to make a point, Vaxx damage: Links 1, March 19, 2022”

  1. The CORBETT report doesn’t impress me. Of course, Putin is a member of WEF and so are Modi and China… These photos and videos, we’ve all seen before.

    Highly intelligent people tend to join groups of highly influential individuals to further their careers and, as part of the Club, they are informed of where their world is headed (ex: AI). The saying ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer’ applies. Follow the rules or they will gobble you up.

    – ANECDOTE: In my late twenties, I was in Mexico for six months, alone. For the first few weeks, I hung out with groups of tourists of my age but I was gaining nothing. Then, I explored one privileged beach club where influential people hung out. I got the attention of one man whose table was the center of attention because it was protected.

    The man was the brother of the actor Jack Nicholson. So, he offered me a seat at his table and I never had to take out my wallet. Three weeks later, he offered me a room in his home which I took. Nobody entered that home that wasn’t worth $10 mln. And the place was always full of people.

    I had the most interesting conversations and learned a lot. Treated like a queen, also. I ended up in Oklahoma and Texas (a guy who owned 49 oil wells) and back to Jack’s place. And months later, I returned to Canada seated in the cockpit of an aircraft that belonged to one of Canada’s wealthiest men. I could go on but the story is we are who we hang out with. –

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