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7 Replies to “Dr. Jordan Peterson issues warning on most totalitarian legislation in Canada’s history, C-67”

  1. Vlad, I’ve appreciated your postings (and your photography is amazing!).
    Can you help me understand something? I see this is a warning about upcoming legislation, but my brief understanding (as a US citizen watching the actions of the legislators during the trucker’s convoy) of your system of government puzzles me.

    I assumed (badly, I think) that your legislators in the upper house (forgot the name) were elected, and then saw a comment saying that they were appointment positions (akin to a knife fight) handed down from the prime minister.

    So when a warning goes out from Jordan about this horrible legislation (minority report, anyone?), who is expected to be affected by public pressure? And why? Because I hear that Trudeau is in office til 2025. (diabolical to have an early election – probably knew of the coming pandemic and the need to crack down hard, so might as well move the elections early and deny people the opportunity to do it years earlier.

    How are your legislators elected? (or are they?)

    • Parliament, which drafts legislation and votes on it, are all elected members. Each member represents a riding of about 100,000 people. They run for a party. The party that gets the most seats has their leader as Prime Minister. You don’t vote directly for the PM unless he happens to be running in your riding.

      The PM also appoints the supreme court justices and the senate.

      The senate are lifetime appointments or till they retire. They are called the house of sober second thought.

      Most Canadians don’t think they are worth the money as they typically just rubber stamp bills and are ceremonial at best, often living in villas in Mexico.

      But in my lifetime alone I have seen them reject bills from Parliament which make them worth every penny.

      They turned down a gun bill under Chretien that would have given the police the power of search and seizure without warrant on the mere suspicion of a piece of ammunition or a gun part in a home. This means of course, the police can search and seize anything at any time with no probable cause or warrant. They just have to say they suspected the person had a gun part or bit of ammo, and anything else they found, well you see what I’m saying.

      Last session the Senate turned back bill C-10. A fully communist bit of Trudopian legislation which would have killed freedom of speech more than we already have in Canada.

      I posted a long list of bills they have before parliament now, all of which are democracy killers in the real sense, as opposed to the Leninist sense that Trudeau uses the word.

      I think I posted it yesterday or the day before. Its worth a look. C-36 alone is horrifying. We can only hope the senate sends them all back and we get a vote of No Confidence and a dissolved house once the Conservative party have an actual leader in place who is an actual non-communist.

      • Thank you for your wonderful explanation!

        How often are members of parliament elected?

        Now I understand the “knife fight” sentiment regarding a Senate appointment, particularly if it’s a lifetime gig. Too bad. Would hope they would be a more accountable body, and I suppose the only thing that “moderates” them would be the irregular appointments with leaders of either party (much like our courts here).

        So the PM doesn’t get voted in directly, but is done so by the parliament.

        Again, thank you!

  2. This bill looks like what will be used to punish anyone that tells people about the beast and its mark. Truth can hurt feelings. They already have the concentration camps (covid isolation camps) ready and waiting.

  3. Personally think all this talk about “freedom” and personal “merit” is much over-rated. Anyone who has been to school knows that one should write what the teacher wants to hear in order to get ahead. Is that “freedom” ? Is that “meritocracy”?

    Playing the dirty little Marxist game is what people in Eastern Europe had to do for decades. Welcome to the communist state to the North of the USA.

    It is our own fault for believing in middle class values like ” getting ahead” and “my opinion doesn’t matter”. We are getting what we deserve.

    Have to laugh at the hypocrisy of these words sung at sports events and i
    In schools:

    O Canada, Glorious and Free,
    We stand on Guard for Thee!

    Who stands on guard? Not anybody I know.

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