Vaxx under 12, Zev Z with Peter McC, Is Ukraine about the Midterms? Links 1, March 1, 2022

1. Alex Berenson’s Substack post on VAERS reports for children under 12. Please remember, the graphic below is all for children under 12 who were made to take the mRNA injections. Please click through to see the whole report. And remember, it is quite likely that the war between Russia and Ukraine is at least in part, to make you not look at this. The fact that corruption and communism forced a deadly product on millions of people, and we have just begun to chart the horrors it has and will cause.

VAERS – the federal side effects reporting system – has received more than 500 reports of life-threatening events, permanent disability,or deaths following mRNA shots in kids and adolescents.

In the light of today’s report that the jabs actually increase the risk of Covid infection in kids under 12 – and do little or nothing to reduce hospitalizations – I figured you might want to see what those reports actually look like.

Lots of myo/pericarditis and other cardiovascular events:

2. Peter McCullough with Zev Zelenko on the vaxx as a WMD (1 Hour)

3. He stayed within the velvet ropes, but was still jailed and killed himself when he learned prosecution was looking for a longer sentence for deterrence

[…] Perna learned that prosecutors would seek an even longer jail sentence based on “domestic terrorism deterrence,” Julie Kelly of American Greatness wrote on Twitter on Sunday night.

“His community (which he loved), his country, and the justice system killed his spirit and his zest for life,” his online obituary reads.

“He didn’t break, touch, or steal anything. He did not harm anyone, as he stayed within the velvet ropes taking pictures,” the obituary said. “For this act, he has been persecuted by many members of his community, friends, relatives, and people who had never met him.

4. I would hope that all Canadians would read and sign this petition. Remember, we live in a country where all MSM is controlled, and is in fact, enemy propaganda, and is pretty much all lies and fabrications to a narrative which moves the culture leftwards and away from truth and away from individual rights, and uses every single issue, real or imagined, to do so. Meanwhile Canada plans to ban RT.

Even if RT was as bad, its unacceptable in a democracy to do this, even though FOX is banned in Russia for all except the trusted elite. That though, is their problem. Having watched RT videos for years and years, I can say they have been more accurate than all Western media on the issues of Islamic immigration into Europe and many others where our own sources confirm or show the same things, more or less. RT does have its left wing and PC hosts. But they offer more balance than CBC most certainly, overall.

5. In our interview with Brad Johnson a few days ago, he made the claim that the Ukraine war is a more or less scripted event to try and save the US midterms for the Democrats as they are about as popular as Trudeau at a trucker’s rally. I think he is in many ways correct and could add my own reasons for it. Among them is that the Biden WH has done no meaningful sanctions on Russia so far. Which suggests to me that its at least possible that Putin made it clear in advance what he planned in Ukraine, and that the US agreed to it but then used these events in opportunistic ways.

Below, Megyn Kelly on how the midterms will be a bloodbath for the Democrats. Its likely true unless Biden can convince the hypnotized that he averted a world war, as opposed to provoked one, which is more likely the case.

Thank you all, each and every one, who have tried their best to determine reality, even as a question, and sent in your thoughts and evidence in the comments or on Mastodon.

After speaking with a particularly brilliant friend on many of the issues facing us today, I am reminded that there is no difference between all these issues. Global warming, the Trucker protest, Covid, the Vaxx, UFO attacks on military bases, and Ukraine. All of these are a seamless single strategy divided up into issues meant to advance the great reset. All of these are lines of effort meant to destroy us as peoples, as cultures, as people who believe in our rights and value as individuals. Ukraine, whatever else it is, makes us look at the giant shiny thing in the sky and away from the narrative on Covid and the vaxx.

He also reminded me of something important on that as well.

When I pointed out that as the Covid and Vaxx narratives collapse, we can’t even keep up with the new narrative on them. The SNL sketch everyone has seen by now is a great data point on that.

He reminded me that the left elites are taking over the counter-narrative in order to remind us that we never control the narrative. We will never actually be able to drive public thought based on what is true, or what is good for us, or what may give us back autonomy. The left controls the narrative at all times, even when it is the illusion that it agrees with us. It will in that case, just be the enemy disguised as a friend, sitting next to our sniper, who moves the end of the barrel that 1mm required to make him miss his target by a yard.

All that to introduce this touching video on what the Trucker protest meant.


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