A different view of the Ukraine situation from the point of view of a Russian Ukranian

We are not taking sides in this conflict at Vlad. But we think there is more to the conflict than we are being told by people like Trudeau and Biden. In fact whatever else we think about Putin, we agree that the West is an empire of lies. At least for the last several years. This man reminds us of several, but not all, of the Western atrocities against other nations, and some of the deceptions used to sell it to the public.

Remembering Serbia, it is hard not to agree with this fellow.

Today there are photos circulating of Chrystia Freeland prancing around with a banner of a Ukrainian unit which is actually Nazi. It is an interesting moment of dialectics to contemplate this woman at a protest with a Nazi flag, after the things she said and did to patriotic Canadians who were so far from that kind of ideology, the ironically named communist think tank, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network”, actually had to fabricate antisemitic material they could impute onto the Trucker’s protest.

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4 Replies to “A different view of the Ukraine situation from the point of view of a Russian Ukranian”

  1. “We are not taking sides in this conflict at Vlad.”

    A dictator rolls into a democracy, using Moral Relativity as justification.

    National Socialism.

    Vlad would be in prison or dead in totalitarian societies. But we are not taking sides, in this conflict.

    The West’s immoral leaders pandering to the comforts of fatherless voters – is an internal destruction.

    Countries being taken over, because unfairly surrounded by democracy – is an external destruction.

    This ‘fairness’ that people should live in a buffer zone between East and West.

      • You could have destroyed my argument, that Vlad’s blogspot would not have been welcomed in Russia, China and Pakistan.

        That the outcome of who wins is of no consequence is wrong. That to have no skin in the game, to be neutral, is an argument I say is fatal.

        But instead, you keep whining at me.

        So I must be doing something right, because until you can form an objective and constructive opinion to reveal a deeper clarity than mine – and we discuss this new contribution of yours – you will appear to be expressing emotions, offenses and virtues as if they were a valid ticket of representation and authority.

        Which is fine. We are free to express whatever bubbles up as ‘thought’.

        So please tell me how “useless” I am for you.

        For the Communist, I am disposable.

        For the true Muslim I am beheadable.

        What offences have I committed?

    • A country like Spain was once an Islamic country. A Caliphate declares Spain should be returned and is subsequently bombed to submission.

      Why should I care?

      Declared an evil perverted population, where Muslim Arabic Speakers have to be rescued. This is only fair.

      If America had invaded, then at worst Spain gets a Biden family member, and at best the American Constitution.

      What does Ukraine get?

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