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3 Replies to “UK flagged, NATO tanks arrive on Russian border in Estonia”

  1. Another truck convoy. The fight for freedom, against Socialism.

    (Will Canada stop it again?).

    This seeing of parallels in history, of free minds defending against locked minds, was in the satirical movie JoJo Rabbit.

    Hitler was a poster pin-up idol for the Hitler Youth.

    For JoJo, the ten year-old youth we follow, he finally let go of his NAZI-imprinted fixation, demonstrated by kicking his Fantasy-Hitler (his Jiminy Cricket), in the ball.

    He got to know and love the Jewish girl hiding in his attic as an equal human being.

    The question raised at the end therefore, was how will his newly released occupant behave?

    Did she have a character-arc towards this revelation as he did? Can she marry a non-Jew and reciprocate the newly unbiased love that he had felt for her? Or will she be tied within in a similar mind-prison in her poster-heroes based propaganda too? That his genetics were lower?

    • All from the point of view of a child.

      National Socialist: Riding on trucks of exploiting Cookie-Cutter Truth, no love.
      International Socialists: Riding on trucks of exploiting Automated Love, no truth.

      Shame or Humiliation trials, for those with unconditional truth and unconditional love.

      A truth that is willing to be tested.

      A love that is willing to be verified.

      Still movie-goers at least will find something. (Just not seeing the trucks of freedom from the Americans to liberate and trucks of peace from the Communists to conquer on Earth as in heaven).

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