Government psy-op to force the vaxx, CBC Mass line narrative attack on Trucker protest: Links 2, February 25, 2022

1. Russel Brand has a few things to say about Trudeau, the Truckers, and the Emergency Measures act that is and isn’t stopped and is and isn’t active (From February 24)

Related: The Emergency Measures act no longer in play, but the banks now part of government and that, we are told, is permanent, and Rideau St and Wellington St is still covered in barriers. So… yeah. Meanwhile, a protest against the mandates is called for tomorrow, February 26, at 9:00 AM

2. So, let’s have a look at some clinical studies on the vaccine. Not on whether it works or not, but on what kind of propaganda works best to get people to take it.

And this: Persuasive messaging to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions

[…]  In the first experiment, we test a large number of treatment messages. One subgroup of messages draws on the idea that mass vaccination is a collective action problem and highlighting the prosocial benefit of vaccination or the reputational costs that one might incur if one chooses not to vaccinate. Another subgroup of messages built on contemporary concerns about the pandemic, like issues of restricting personal freedom or economic security. We find that persuasive messaging that invokes prosocial vaccination and social image concerns is effective at increasing intended uptake and also the willingness to persuade others and judgments of non-vaccinators. We replicate this result on a nationally representative sample of Americans and observe that prosocial messaging is robust across subgroups, including those who are most hesitant about vaccines generally. The experiments demonstrate how persuasive messaging can induce individuals to be more likely to vaccinate and also create spillover effects to persuade others to do so as well. The first experiment in this study was registered at and can be found under the ID number NCT04460703. This study was registered at Open Science Framework (OSF) at:

Article on this particular advance Psy-op 

(You really must go to the link and read the study. Then we can all collaborate on a study of our own on how we have been made into lab-rats by our governments)

3. Alex Berenson has had quite a few good posts today and yesterday. Here is one from right about now

Hey, remember how they told you the mRNA in the vaccines could NEVER wind up in human DNA?

Don’t worry, everything is fine.

After all, we have all that long-term placebo-controlled clinical trial data proving the safety of these mRNA shots.*

All that careful preclinical work too.**

*No we don’t.

**Not that either.

4. For anyone who wants to understand why people hate the CBC so very very much, watch as much as you can stand of this enemy propaganda from CBC’s The Fifth Line of effort Estate. Clearly they designed a classic Maoist mass line narrative, then went out and got and manipulated the footage they needed to push that narrative. You can see it in the editing, and even the choice of lenses to make people who were celebrating look vicious and evil. (This may be a post production effect rather than lens choice)

A mass line narrative attack, is creating a story that you know will have a certain effect, and manipulating or fabricating data you need to force that narrative as an attack on whatever it is you want destroyed. Some of you may have watched our interview with the Nurse from Front Line Nurses and how CBC did a mass line on her till people threatened her, her family and safety.

A line of effort, (LoE) would be a crafted narrative to be used in an attack. A great example of that, primarily because it failed so its easy to see its fictional nature, is last spring’s effort by the US military to claim they are under constant alien attack. A problem which of course, like a pandemic, requires a global response and an abdication of national power and sovereignty. We posted all those videos including 60 Minutes and even Tucker Carlson got sucked into that carnival. The fact that top US military brass wanted to go on his show to talk about it should have been all the tip off Tucker needed to know it was a load of dung.

Meanwhile, CBC on the Trucker’s protest. Please, anyone who was there at any point, please leave comments about your own experience, and how it differs from CBC’s mass line narrative attack.

Thank you all who are paying attention and show understanding of any of the issues being crafted around us.

A comment from ET:

Mark Carney who wants a one world government calls the trucker’s actions sedition.  Carney, Freeland and Justine should all be charged with sedition or perhaps traitors.

Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the Canadian leader of  the terror group Hibz ut-Tahrir, living in London, Ontario wants to get rid of capitalism.  Calls Canadian soldiers “war criminals”, says Muslims owe Canada nothing.  What does Carney, Freeland, and Justine think of him, has he been charged with anything?

The truckers are Canadian Patriots, heroes.

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2 Replies to “Government psy-op to force the vaxx, CBC Mass line narrative attack on Trucker protest: Links 2, February 25, 2022”

  1. 1.

    ‘Language weaponized by The State.’
    Taut to not mean what they state
    The Party of Love
    Steal from their Bruv
    Happy with peanuts and hate.

  2. With no irony, state extension Fifth Estate projects conspiracy theory to counter and discount the sheep in wolves’ clothing. Projection is admission.

    These Canadians are sheep because they are peaceful, but wolves because they run lone in choosing an autodidactic education over indoctrination. The irony is that these sheep are the anti-collectivist. –Yet another inversion for our inverted world. In rooting out its fiction the Fifth Estate state extension somehow forgot to show the Soviet flag in the counter protest. Funny.

    The independent, curious spirit of the autodidact may be the elusive common root to the mystery of who follows their own star or who follows the star of the collective. To adhere to the collective is to relinquish a great deal of personal responsibility. This is a great way out if you have little intellectually integrity, and prefer to bullshit your way through life because it is the path of least resistance. By varying degrees we all learn on our own, of course, but the ability to be comfortable and confident in what one knows, while actually wanting the responsibility for such knowledge, seems to amount to between 10-20% of the population.

    Here, an autodidact offers his brilliant take on the Hegelian Diabetic:

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