Tyranny: Links 2, 2/22/22

1. Measures Will Be Permanent in Germany

2. Canadian YouTuber gets phone call from Trudeau government suggesting he delete his Youtube channel

(I can’t find any of his videos on Youtube but here is a list from Bitchute)

Here are all his videos on RUMBLE

3. WHO creates a constitution that allows them to run roughshod over any national law or constitution in the event of a natural disaster or ‘pandemic’.

An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness

Why an international pandemic instrument?

Infographic – Towards an international treaty on pandemics

Illustration: towards an international treaty on pandemics.See full infographic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge. No single government or institution can address the threat of future pandemics alone.

A convention, agreement or other international instrument is legally binding under international law. An agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response adopted under the World Health Organization (WHO) would enable countries around the globe to strengthen national, regional and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics.

Such an instrument would also:

  • ensure higher, sustained and long-term political engagement at the level of world leaders of states or governments
  • define clear processes and tasks
  • enhance long-term public and private-sector support at all levels
  • foster integration of health matters across all relevant policy areas

We need to create an environment where every scientist, health worker, and government can band together for a common cause. Working together to build new solutions to protect what is most precious – our health and our lives.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council at World Health Summit, 25 October 2021

4. A brilliant example of Liberal party dialectics in the House of Elites in Ottawa

5. THREE Sikhs speak to the leader of the NDP, fake Sikh Jagmeet Singh, who is persona non grata in India

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7 Replies to “Tyranny: Links 2, 2/22/22”

  1. “Honk honk” is “Hail (sic) Hitler”???
    What a dumbass. In anything remotely resembling a sane world this woman would be laughed out of office.

  2. FYI, I’ve watched numerous “mistersunshinebaby” videos on ScrewTube. He was at the Convoy protests covering things on the ground. I can only imagine he was threatened with financial and/or criminal sanctions for “being there” and “supporting” the protests. Now it appears only 2 videos remain – all of the Convoy related content is gone.

    • It’s a fools errand to seek redress from the government in their own courtroom. History shows us that tyrants always legalize the atrocities that they perform.

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