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6 Replies to “Two guesses what the Queen is getting for her Covid”

  1. Matt Le Tissier – football’s voice of reason over the jab

    “HAVE never seen anything like it. I have played for 17 years and I don’t think I saw more than one person having to come off the pitch with breathing difficulties, clutching their heart – heart problems. You know there have been very rare occurrences – Marc–Vivien Foé, Fabrice Muamba – very high-profile stuff, very few and far between. The reason you remember them is because they were so far and few between and they were eye-opening things. But the last year, it’s just been unbelievable how many people not just footballers, sports people in general – we have had tennis players, we’ve had cricketers, basketball players – just how many are keeling over and at some point surely you have to say, this isn’t right – this needs to be investigated’

    Matt Le Tissier – la voix de la rationalité du football en ce qui concerne la vaccination –
    ” Mais l’année dernière, c’était tout simplement incroyable de voir le nombre de personnes, pas seulement les footballeurs, mais les sportifs en général – nous avions, les joueurs de tennis, les joueurs de cricket, les basketteurs – le nombre de personnes qui tombent simplement et à un certain moment, il faut dire : ce n’est pas normal – il faut enquêter. ”


  2. The original became suppressed, sort of censored then revised.

    Global concerns for the Queen after positive COVID-19 result
    The Commonwealth’s longest reigning Monarch Queen Elizabeth II has contracted coronavirus at the age of 95.
    A CURRENT AFFAIR : 13 hours ago


    Sorry! We lost signal.
    Something went wrong, we’re doing our best to fix it. The link may be broken or there may be an error on our site.


    That is all I can get so far.
    Are you having the same result rol?

    Well it seems to perversely confirm the twitter grab is bonafide and correct.
    Although I would like much more context.

    I note the logo does stay constant through out that twitter grab.
    The voice remains constant, and he does mention the word “tablets”.

    It would seem that the reporter did not see the finer print. ?
    “approved for high risk patients in Australian Hospitals”.
    Now that Doctor Mukesh Haikerwal … “these tablets and infusions can make a dramatic difference to their immediate welfare & health & how the feel & also long term benefits as well”

    Does that mean it also helps prevent, or even cure “Long covid”?

    Is that a “break through”? ?

    Did that Doctor pull a crafty one? and now it is all being suppressed, censored !
    Good on you Doctor !

    • The link of the “lost signal” now works with a real big but !

      Story clarification:
      Last night our report on the Queen contained a shot that should not have been included.
      The shot was included as a result of human error.
      We were highlighting an approved infusion medication called Sotrovimab and the report accidentally cut to a shot of Stromectol – a product which contains Ivermectin.
      As a program we’ve done numerous stories highlighting the concerns around taking Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.
      We did not intend to suggest Dr Mukesh Hawikerwal endorsed Stromectol.
      We’ve apologised to him this morning and he has accepted that apology.
      We do not suggest the Queen is using Ivermectin.

      Dr Mukesh Haikerwal , he did say “tablets and infusions”

      So was that Doctor threatened with de-registration loss of job, etc.. if he did not accept that apology?

      Well I could read the article and the clarification but still can not play the vid. ? as I wanted to see what other tablets they came up with?

      This video is restricted from playing in your current geographic region

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