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3 Replies to “Segment of interview with Paul Alexander speaking to MSM and Government”

  1. FULL 47 min video :

    All restrictions and mandates are not backed by science but rather complete non-sensical gov’t control. He calls upon any and all public health officials and members of mainstream media to challenge him. You, the public are being misinformed.
    If you believe what you’re being told by MSM, then this an important interview for you to watch.

    Dr. Paul Alexander, Epidemiologist Breaks Down Covid Myths and Corruption

    rumble video :



    Paul Alexander – FEB 20 2022 :

    Arrest warrant for me, moves to silence me, and just pure chaos today; why? because the truckers won and the govn lost the narrative; use of brute force means you lost; and I still support the blue

    On this page :


  2. Anecdote from my last trip to the grocery store:

    I always slip on my 3-string mask once I’ve entered the store, in the vegetable area. Three strings because one string broke a while ago and the mask always slips down and sideways. It allows me to breathe normally. People see my nose and mouth but they no longer panic.

    Anyway, just before passing through the gate, two females in their late twenties stopped at the chemical soap dispenser and proceeded to disinfect their hands. But they went further. They raised their coat sleeves up to their elbows and fully lathered their arms. It was amazing to see. I just stopped and stared at them, no mask on, in disbelief.

    So, these are people you will never be able to get through.

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