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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • Answer: Canada.
      The NDP will vote in favor of prolonging the Emergencies Act or whatever it is called, and all measures that go along with it.

  1. “True law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal application, unchanging and everlasting; it summons to duty by its commands, and averts from wrong-doing by its prohibitions. And it does not lay its commands or prohibitions upon good men in vain, though neither have any effect on the wicked. It is a sin to try to alter this law, nor is it allowable to attempt to repeal any part of it, and it is impossible to abolish it entirely. We cannot be freed from its obligations by senate or people, and we need not look outside ourselves for an expounder or interpreter of it. And there will not be different laws at Rome and at Athens, or different laws now and in the future, but one eternal and unchangeable law will be valid for all nations and all times, and there will be one master and ruler, that is, God, over us all, for he is the author of this law, its promulgator, and its enforcing judge. Whoever is disobedient is fleeing from himself and denying his human nature, and by reason of this very fact he will suffer the worst penalties, even if he escapes what is commonly considered punishment.”
    ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero, Republic, The Laws, 59-47 B.C.

    Vax Nation: Freedom Over Fear
    JusticeCentre – Published February 20, 2022

    • Too bad the real Cicero was such a two-faced, hypocritical jerk. Every classics aficionado is recognizing the Late Roman Republic is here and now. It’s even become a buzzword on Twitter.

      We’re approaching another Ides of March.
      Some fathers get to know their kids by taking them fishing, or maybe doing carpentry together. Each kid something different, special attention from a Daddy whose Time is Very Precious.

      My father and I did Caesar in Latin.
      I’d almost understand the foreign words by the way he read whole phrases. Later we’d share the delight of reading them to each other.

      March15 became our own special holiday. Just the two of us. We honored that day, exchanging small gifts on the theme every year till he died.

  2. The public relations mop-up continues by the Radio Man. Today he called for 72-degrees and sunny on the weather report here in Dystopia’s capital. I looked outside at the snow and suspected it may be a fib. I became suspicious that if he told one obvious lie he may tell more, which is an uncanny talent that pet dogs share with truckers, but not with truckers’ convoy opponents.

    The Radio Man has continued with harrowing accounts of locals inconvenienced by the protest. Abuses by (white) racists have traumatized downtown residents. Maybe PTSD claims will arise. $20 million will be given to businesses for lost revenue despite their shut-downs being at the behest of the Mayor–a detail lost on the Radio Man–who now swings his narrative like a hammer, but why? The deli owner at 123 Slater who stayed open and made more money than he had in two years is on video now being harassed by the jackboots (a term I use only because they, themselves, have used it in self- description). Oh well, those crazy mixed-up authoritarians…

    But again, why does the Radio Man continue trying to sculpt public opinion by disseminating blatant factual fabrications, even though he has won? The truckers are gone, the cops and government are in hot pursuit to financially ruin everyone involved, yet fairy tales continue breathlessly recounting the horrors of the bouncy castles.

    Discussing this with my son last night we settled on one idea. The concept of capturing the hearts and minds of the neutral and the young (sub-group of the neutral) demographic is, and has always been a critical requirement in all political arenas. This may seem like an obvious and self-evident observation, but until the neutral is seen as a critical commodity the way Mao and Lenin and all other authoritarians have (much less so tyrants), I really didn’t understand the game as well as I should. Never, ever stop trying to grab the majority of market share neutrals.

    Kinder and gentler, empathetic and caring, in the manner of all identity politics, is the feminized net thrown over the Dystopian neutralis mammalis to great effect.

  3. Critical addendum to my post above. Bernier interviews Peckford yesterday. The challenge is this:

    The current, unfortunate governance by public opinion polls must be countered by massive civil disobedience. These polls will influence the judiciary. A two-pronged approach showing large numbers of Canadians do not support the Emergencies Act, which has the secondary effect of influencing an obviously politicized judiciary, must be used now.

    What I find most troubling is that the arguments laid out by Peckford showing the Act is illegal seem ironclad, yet parliamentarians continue to debate this point, rendering a final decision made, possibly, coercively and not to the benefit of the nation.

    If this doesn’t embed, Vlad, please post it properly. (I’m on my phone.)

    And incidentally, chat herein regarding the benefits or liabilities of a general trucker’ strike backfiring hold no candle to Peckford’s position that civil disobedience right now is critical for the aforementioned reasons.

  4. CBC – Many Ottawa protesters face a long legal journey

    The main convoy protest site in Ottawa may be free of demonstrators, but the investigation is not over.

    People who left on their own could still face charges, while those who were arrested are just beginning their journey through the courts.

  5. The Next Step For The World Economic Forum

    It has been obvious since early 2020 that there has been an organized cult outreach that has permeated the world as a whole.

    It’s possible that this formed out of a gigantic error, rooted in a sudden ignorance of cell biology and long experience of public health.

    It is also possible that a seasonal respiratory virus was deployed by some people as an opportunity to seize power for some other purpose.

    One can see very quickly that these names certainly connect to lockdown countries and individuals who have ignored their own laws and/or tried in some way to usurp them. But, there is more to it than that and I will give a hint by providing a link with each name.

    Joseph Biden, President, United States

    Boris Johnson, PM of United Kingdom

    Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand

    Angela Merkel, Former PM of Germany

    Emmanuel Macron, President of France

    Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada

    Xi Jinping, CCP Leader, China

    Mario Draghi, PM of Italy

    Scott Morrison, PM of Australia

    They are all associated with the World Economic Forum (WEF), a “nonprofit” private organization started (in 1971) and headed by Klaus “You will own nothing and be happy” Schwab and his family. This is a private organization that has no official bearing with any world governance body, despite the implication of the name. It could just as well have been called the “Church of Schwabies.” The WEF was the origin of the “Great Reset” and I would guess that it was the origin of “Build Back Better” (since most of the above names have used that term recently).

    If you think that the WEF membership ends with just leaders of countries, here are a few more names:

    Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

    Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State

    Anthony Fauci, Director NIAID

    Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

    Allow me to introduce more of the WEF by giving a list of names for the Board of Trustees.

    Al Gore, Former WP of the US

    Mark Caney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action

    T. Shanmugaratnam, Seminar Minister Singapore

    Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank

    Ngozi Okonja-Iweala, Director General, WTO

    Kristalian Georggieva, Managing Director, IMF

    Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Minister of Canada

    Laurence Fink, CEO, BlackRock

    You can see a cross section of political and economic leaders on the board. The leader of the organization, that is the leader of the Board, is still Klaus Schwab. He has built an impressive array of followers.

    […]If you want to really see the extent of influence, go to the website

    and pick out the corporate name of your choice; there are many to choose from: Abbott Laboratories, Astra-Zeneca, Biogen, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Serum Institute of India, BASF, Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, Blackrock, CISCO, Dell, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Zoom, Yahoo, Amazon, Airbus, Boeing, Honda, Rakuten, Walmart, UPS, Coca-Cola, UBER, Bank of China. Bank of America. Deutsche Bank, State Bank of India, Royal Bank of Canada, Lloyds Banking, JP Morgan-Chase, Equifax, Goldman-Sachs, Hong Kong Exchanges, Bloomberg, VISA, New York Times, Ontario (Canada) Teacher’s Pension Plan

    The extent of reach is huge even beyond the worldwide leader network. For example, we all know what Bill Gates has been doing with his wealth via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). But, the Wellcome Trust is equal to the task. Who is the Director of the Wellcome Trust? One named Jeremy Farrar, of the United Kingdom SAGE and lockdown fame – arguably the architect of the US-UK lockdowns in 2020 – is closely associated with WEF.

    […]The Next Move

    Jeremy Farrar of The Wellcome Trust recently wrote an article for the WEF with the CEO of Novo Nordisk Foundation, Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen. It is a summary of a larger piece written for and published by the Boston Consulting Group.

    In this article, they propose that the way to “fix” the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria is via a subscription service. That is, you pay a fee and when you need an antibiotic, presumably an effective one will be available for you.

    My guess is that they have the same philosophy for vaccines and that certainly seems to be the approach with Coronavirus. Keep paying for and taking boosters.

    […]It was the WEF on March 21, 2020 that assured us “lockdowns can halt the spread of Covid-19.” Today that article, never pulled much less repudiated, stands as probably the most ridiculous and destructive suggestion and prediction of the 21st century. And yet, the WEF is still at it, suggesting that same year that at least lockdowns reduced carbon emissions.

    We can easily predict that the WEF’s call for a universal and mandated subscription plan for antibiotics – pushed with the overt intention of shoring up financial capitalization of major drug manufacturers – will meet the same fate: poor health outcomes, more power to entrenched elites, and ever less liberty for the people.

    MORE :

  6. sky news UK – BREAKING: Over-75s and vulnerable offered fourth COVID jab

    Health Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that vulnerable people and those aged 75 and over will be offered a fourth COVID jab this spring.

  7. DAILY MAIL – Crying out for cash… but NHS hospitals still find tens of thousands to spend on LGBT rainbow crossings

    NHS hospitals spent thousands painting rainbow crossings during the pandemic

    Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust in Wiltshire spent £11,000 on four crossings

    More than 20 Trusts have spent £46,000 on the rainbow crossings since 2019

    MPs have accused NHS bosses of ‘pandering to woke nonsense’ and have said that the money should have been spent on patient care during the pandemic

    NHS England: ‘The NHS is one of the most efficient health services in the world’

    […]Sir John Hayes, chairman of the Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs, said: ‘This is another example of a public sector organisation pandering to woke nonsense.

    ‘Crossing the road is not about your sexual orientation.

    ‘It is about being safe. The fact some clown in the NHS has chosen to spend money that could have been spent on patients on this kind of stuff is disgraceful. The idea a gay person would be more likely to go to hospital if they were in need of care because of the colour of a crossing – if it wasn’t so disturbing, it would be the stuff of a Monty Python sketch.’


  8. A “Major Non-NATO Ally”?: For Decades, Qatar Has Supported Every Anti-American Islamic Terrorist Organization

    The U.S. is to designate Qatar as a major non-NATO ally, despite concerns over its backing of Islamist groups throughout the region, including Hamas. Yigal Carmon, founder and president of … MEMRI, told JNS that “The relationship between Qatar and the United States is bizarre, and makes no strategic sense. For decades, Qatar has provided financial and political support, directly and indirectly, to virtually every anti-American Islamic terrorist organization,” including the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and even organizations affiliated with ISIS.

    Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi, known for his vicious anti-Semitism and justification of the Holocaust, has been operating for years from Qatar under its protection, said Carmon. “In addition, Qatar has provided shelter to several other jihadi leaders. If it weren’t for Qatar, the September 11 attacks might not have taken place. In 1996, terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammad had been under Qatari protection in Doha.”

    The official Qatari-owned TV channel, Al Jazeera, functions as a mouthpiece for jihadi terror organizations. “It has praised Osama bin Laden and broadcasted his speeches and allowed a sheikh to pledge allegiance to ISIS on the air. The Qatari-based channel has also aired calls for terror attacks against American oil installations….Qatar funded the Taliban throughout America’s presence in Afghanistan.”

    • Qatar, Iran may move to connect electric grids to make Iran ‘energy hub’

      The countries have talked about how to use surplus electricity from Qatar by swapping with countries such as Pakistan or Afghanistan and connecting Iran and Qatar electric grids undersea.

      What are the benefits of such a connection?

      Iran says that its electric grid is an important hub of electricity in the region and this can make Iran a major player in electricity supply. “In addition to the deep importance of foreign policy and energy security, Iran has become a hub for electricity generation and distribution in the region …

      “Countries in the region have taken many steps to replace Iran…. For example, the German company Siemens, in the form of a contract, aims to make Afghanistan a hub for electricity distribution in the Central Asian region.”

      It’s not clear with the Taliban takeover how this would work for Afghanistan. However, Qatar has hosted and backed the Taliban, so this could be part of the Qatar regional agenda.
      Qatar partnered with Iran and the Taliban to swoop into Afghanistan after the US left and profit off the change in power there while signing deals with Iran to cement this new concept.
      Germany, perhaps on the sidelines, could work with all three countries because Germany has long wanted more partnerships with Iran.

      • Seth Frantzman @sfrantzman
        Iran media today is all about the Iran presidential visit to Qatar…with Tasnim talking about a “golden triangle” linking Qatar, Iran, Russia via energy deals…

        Qatar is also a US major non-Nato ally and backs Taliban maybe US can ally with the Russia-Iran-Taliban- Qatar too?
        [comment] “Qatar has also been a lifeline for Erdogan-Turkey-ISIS.”

  9. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Putin orders Russian troops into eastern Ukraine separatist provinces — live updates

    International leaders have strongly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize separatist territories in eastern Ukraine, and vowed new sanctions.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his defense ministry to send Russian peacekeeping troops into eastern Ukraine‘s two breakaway regions, according to a decree published early on Tuesday after he said Moscow would recognize their independence.


    Putin orders Russian “peacekeeping operations” in eastern Ukraine

    In a decree recognizing the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR), Putin ordered the Russian military to conduct “peacekeeping operations” in the occupied Ukrainian territories.

    The big picture: The separatists don’t hold all of the territory they claim so recognition could swiftly evolve into war unless Russia limits its operations to the separatist-held areas.


  10. LIVE: Putin addressing Russia

    Clint Ehrlich Feb 21, 2022
    Announces recognition of LNR and DNR. Laments collapse of Russian Empire and Soviet Union.

    Putin characterizes Ukraine as a corrupt country controlled by oligarchs.

    He says the West funded the violent overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government.

    Putin is now listing atrocities that were committed by Ukrainian nationalists.

    He highlights the burning alive of innocent people in the trade union of Odessa.

    Says Russia will punish those responsible – leaves unstated how they will be captured.

    Putin accuses Ukraine of “derussification.”

    Blames government in Kiev for attempting to purge the Russian language and culture from the country.

    Putin accuses Ukraine of cooperating with Islamic terrorists against Crimea.

    Says Ukraine is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons.

    Claims Ukraine poses a threat to Russia’s national security, but is protected by the West.

    Putin says it is irrelevant that Ukraine might not become a member of NATO tomorrow.

    Says it could be “the day after tomorrow.” Makes no difference from the historical perspective.

    Argues that de facto NATO bases are already in Ukraine.

    WOAH: Putin publicly reveals for the first time that he approached Bill Clinton about Russia joining NATO.

    Putin says that Russian intelligence indicates Ukrainian membership in NATO is only a matter of time.

    Says the danger to Russia’s security will exponentially increase, due to danger to Russian homeland from missiles based in Ukraine.

    Rhetoric similar to Cuban missile crisis.

    Putin claims that Russia is threatened with sanctions without any reason – simply because it “exists.”

    Claims that the true goal of the West is simply to stop Russia from growing stronger, being sovereign.

    Putin blames the West for being in denial about a genocide being carried out against 4 million people in Donbas.

    Says that, because Ukraine only recognizes a military solution, Russia will sign treaties with LNR & DNR.

    Putin makes the most direct threat yet against Ukraine.

    He says that those who seized power in Kiev must cease all military actions against the Donbas.

    If they don’t, they will bear responsibility for the consequences…

    This is a threat of war. Period.

    The speech has ended.

    President Putin sounded very much like a national leader preparing his country for armed conflict.

    It is clear that he does not expect a peaceful solution to the crisis – and that he is ready to lead Russia to war.

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