More on the UN forces that were deployed against Canadian citizens peacefully protesting for their basic democratic rights

To be clear, I saw with my own eyes, and will publish photos and video of these guys ASAP, large numbers of men in weird tope coloured uniforms with POLICE written on the backs but no other insignias. No way to identify them at all.

The aircraft you are looking at, is at CFB North Bay. A quasi secret Canadian Forces base used for old NORAD operations.

It stands to reason Trudeau would use foreign troops against Canadians. Typically tyrants have to find outside people as Canadian police and soldiers are typically reluctant to act against their own citizens. For those of you who have seen the excellent Dinesh D’Sousa film, Hillary’s America, there is a scene where the famous communist strategist, Saul Alinsky, goes to work for the MAFIA and teaches them to use outside hit men when a killing of one of their own gang seems necessary to the Don. This is where we are at now.


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  1. The CAF has numerous aircraft in UN paint around Trenton and North Bay, this is common and SOP. The Uniforms, equipment and personnel are RCMP.
    While not beyond possibility, given the way the PMO has gone way off the rez, it is unlikely that foreign police are being used. PMC mercenaries are much more likely, given that the PMO wanted to use blackwater and the like for ‘firearm buy back’ programs.
    Keep a real close eye on it, though.
    Observe. Document. Verify. Communicate.
    Any one who wants to is a Canadian Human Rights Observer.
    Watch them now, that we may tread on them latter.
    There will be trials, and capital sanction will be demanded.

  2. So, in order to avoid tinfoil hattisim, and do this the ISAR way.
    The aircraft in the video are a canadair CRJ in front, and maybe an Embraer ERJ in back. The UN, governments and NGO`s all lease aircraft.
    On the aft fuselage, or vertical tail, or ( aft mounted )engine nacelles, and under the wing are painted registration marks. CF-XXX, C-FXXX and C-GXXX are canadian blocks, NXXXXX are US, G-XXXX UK ect. Military aircraft carry a serial number on the vertical tail, eg 148823 ( a CF Cyclone. Maybe Zyklon more appropos… ) or 58-0100 ( USAF KC-135 ).
    Search aircraft registration database, pick a Dbase, enter the registration or serial and aircraft type if possible. You`ll have the owner, lessor, leaser, or service PDQ. You can also back track it`s origin, and often find a flight manifest.