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Tear gas ready: Militarized police, or actual military ready to stomp some faces

Still live: (LIVE ended but some good material in that feed)

VIVA FREI Live now

The ‘authorities’ have cut internet access so only approved messaging can get out of the area.

We have a video that was being streamed and was cut as he approached the area of most confrontation.

The enemy propaganda site, Global TV has a live feed going above, but they cut away whenever the police do anything that might make them look bad.

Please understand that when you watch the feed above. It is pure enemy propaganda and not created to inform, but to shape your opinion of the events as they are directed by the PMO

The Youtube AND Facebook streams appear to have been cut now. Its currently 12:30 PM in the new authoritarian state of Trudopistan.

One FB stream is now back. The owner reports military in gas masks

The link is here


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  1. Very sad and heartbreaking. It looks like the truckers are being smashed and dispersed. I hope I’m taking this all wrong, but as of now Trudeau seems to be gaining a terrific win.

    • People who donated money are now having their bank accounts froze, some people are losing their jobs, more jobs lost because they donated, helped the truckers. Who released their names?

      All police who took part in this tyranny should have their names listed, their badge number and the police force they belong to. Public shaming is not enough, for these collaborators, they could have done the right thing and walked away – they are all cowards.

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