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One Reply to “Justin the XIV “L’état c’est moi!” The Sunny Ways dictator”

  1. You missed a golden opportunity here as it should read: “Louis XVI” with the deserved result. He also thought himself to be the “sun” king.
    I an am afraid that such will be the ONLY way now to achieve true justice now as the NWO will just put him/Arden/Macron etc. out to graze with well paid bug pharma board jobs once they are no longer useful.
    Only the certainty of physical death will work as shown by history on almost every page. The weakening of the western judicial punishment system has ensure that all murderers and traitors now have a great chance of escaping just punishment.
    Hammurabi will be back soon but on whose side is the only unknown.

    Back here as better half back in hospital, still unvaxxed.

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