Canada, freedom, and police response to it: Links 2, February 15, 2022

1. Question in British parliament on vaxx deaths and damage

2. Doug Ford so desperate he is defaulting to some proximate of the truth. Lets see if he actually does anything. My money is on he will not. No freedoms will be restored in any practical way. We shall see.

3. The last survivor of Canada’s confederation, Brian Peckford, speaks live at the Trucker’s Protest in Ottawa

4. Our American freedom loving friends have marched on the Canadian Consulate in NYC today to protest Le Petit Dauphin and Trudopia.

5. It seems that in fact, this is not the first time our civilization was locked into a cycle of vaxx that didn’t work resulting in deaths from the vaxx resulting in more mandates to take the vaxx. Please see this article about the Smallpox epidemic of 135 years ago. If anyone know anything about this which shows it to be false, PLEASE write it up in the comments. This is quite a reveal if true, and given what is happening now, it seems more likely than not.

Earlier this week we posted a video of a woman being visited by an Ontario cop warning her about her Facebook opinions. Mark Steyn interviews that woman below:

Thank you all for your continuous efforts to see and cope with the fall of Canada as a free nation.


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3 Replies to “Canada, freedom, and police response to it: Links 2, February 15, 2022”

  1. Yes Item 5 is true. I posted a video weeks ago showing this smallpox example and many others. Every time a disease was nearly eradicated, that was the time they came out with a vaccine, which in turn caused a lot more cases. Or indroduce a vaccine in an area that didnt have the disease, and then the disease explodes in the area.

    The Dr in the video just happened to “die” days after handing over info to someone. Canadian Dr. I spoke with a person that new him personally and told me about his death. The family was denied an autopsy and a request to save tissue sample. This happened in the last 2 months

    The brilliant minds here I hope watch this and give their 2cents on it.

    371 – Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination – Raymond Obomsawin

    • This video is prob 10 years old. With that in mind, after watching it, can you imagine what that info was that he handed over recently with the covid injection being the hot topic of the day now.

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