Trudeau to remove more rights on a selective basis

So much makes no sense at all. The entire legal basis for lockdowns, mandates, discrimination and forcing people to take an experimental mRNA gene therapy which normally would be illegal, was that they had declared emergency measures and the suspension of basic rights and liberties to deal with flu season.

But now, CBC tells us, (which itself means nearly nothing actually as CBC is nothing more and nothing less than a government funded engine of dialectics) that the emergency measures act, which HAS NEVER BEEN USED BEFORE, will be invoked to end the Trucker’s protest to end the emergency measures act taking away all our rights.

Just when you think you have a grip on how warped everything is, you find out its a lot more warped than you thought.

Mind you nothing is beyond Trudeau, as a soulless tyrant of the WEF school for communist viceroys. Even Bill Mahar says Trudeau sounds like Hitler. And while I don’t want to contradict Mahar when he is super close to the truth, it would be more accurate to say Trudeau sounds like Mao. After all, his 2IC, Mark Carney is from that school.

Trudeau To Unleash Never-Before-Used ‘Emergency Powers Act’ To Counter Protests As US-Canada Bridge Reopens

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has learned that Prime Minister Trudeau “will inform the provinces he will invoke the Emergencies Act to give the government extra powers to deal with the protests across the country. But in a meeting with the Liberal caucus, the PM said there were no plans to deploy the military.” 

The move follows a meeting Sunday of the federal cabinet and its Incident Response Group (IRG).

Trudeau tweeted late Sunday that the IRG discussed “further actions the government can take to help end the blockades and occupations.”

Earlier that day, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair told CBC’s Rosemary Barton Live that the federal government has discussed invoking special emergency powers to deal with ongoing protests in Ottawa.

Blair described the attitude around invoking the Emergencies Act as “appropriate caution” rather than “reticence.”

As CBC concludes, the law gives the federal government carte blanche to cope with a crisis, including the ability to enact emergency powers that allow it to prohibit travel within a specified area or remove personal property, while imposing fines or jail time on people contravening new orders.

This is basically the ability to unleash ‘selective’ martial law on Canadians.

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17 Replies to “Trudeau to remove more rights on a selective basis”

  1. Yup and the maggots and minions just voted him in cause the pathetic conservatives were too fucked up to elect a leader that could take on Trudeau

    Hope the lessons are learned

    But unless Pierre can orchestrate some type of no confidence vote
    We are stuck with this monster Trudeau for another 3 years
    The liberals totally outflanked the conservatives
    How pathetic
    And th e reason I gave a huge donation this year to
    The rhino party
    Huge for me is 500.
    A protest vote to all party idiots

    • It’s not that they voted him in but rather that he went to Elections only two years into his mandate. Why would he do that? Especially after securing 66,000 military-grade tear gas munitions. Look at the horizon.

  2. Jordan Peterson is hedging.
    Do Not Stop.
    And, yeah. If the screws escalate, and they will, mob them and fight.
    Folks, I’m signing off. This conflict is about to go hot, and I’ve many commies to slot before I sleep.

  3. The most important thing is here: there has to be an international arrest for Soros and everybody whose collaborating with this evil Jew. (name him what he is) Has nothing to do with antisemitism, because long ago he even sold his fellow Jews to the Nazi’s! They, Schwab, Soros, Gates are the real fascists together with the central bankers (They even subsidized Hitler, and caused the Russian communist revolution) on wall-street.
    Not tho forget Vanguard and Black-Rock. They are the root from al evil in the world!
    People have to break through their victim-game. Hope very soon Trudeau and that fucking nasty left-scum millennial bitch on the picture together with Soros will be placed against the wall. Like Ceausescu! They have no idea how hated they are. There to fucking arrogant for it.
    They should beat that motherfucker so hard on his stupid moron-face before, that no dumb-ass left-wing moron will ever open their ugly shit-puking mouths again for the next 200 years! Revenge is the only sweet option. Dead to Trudeau!!

    • Can we refer to Trudeau as “That evil white male”? Cause you know.

      And Soros is and was a Nazi. Whatever his genetics are, his actions, words and beliefs are 100% Nazi. So he is a Nazi.

      You say it isn’t antisemitism. I say that when a Jewish person does something bad if you make it reflect on all Jews, then it is a bullseye for antisemitism.

      When you refer to Christia Freeland as the problem is a white female, Ill take you more seriously.

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