Australian authority says its your own damn fault if your vaxx damaged cause you had informed consent: Links 1, February 13, 2022

1. Ottawa policeman responds to question in confusing way. Can anyone else make out what he is saying? Are Ottawa Police exempt from the shot or not?

2. This deserves a second view. Also I think this is longer than the previous version.

3. New Zealand plays ‘Macarena’ on repeat to flush out protesters

Warning: This item is from ENEMY PROPAGANDA site, CTV News. Adjust for more likely reality.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND — Some countries might send in a riot squad to disperse trespassing protesters. In New Zealand, authorities turned on the sprinklers and Barry Manilow.

Initial moves to try and flush out several hundred protesters who have been camped on Parliament’s grassy grounds since Tuesday had little effect.

The protesters, who have been voicing their opposition to coronavirus vaccine mandates, responded to the soaking from the sprinklers by digging trenches and installing makeshift drainpipes to divert the water.

When a downpour hit Saturday, their numbers only grew. Protesters brought in bales of straw, which they scattered on the increasingly sodden grounds at Parliament. Some shouted, others danced and one group performed a Maori haka.

By evening, Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard had come up with a new plan to make the protesters uncomfortable: using a sound system to blast out vaccine messages, decades-old Barry Manilow songs and the 1990s earworm hit “Macarena” on a repeat loop.

Protesters responded by playing their own tunes, including Twister Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

(Somewhere on this site there are likely videos of what actually took place. If not, hopefully there will be. The following video is from related enemy propaganda site, much of who’s funding also comes from the Trudeau government, Global News)

4. Take your blood pressure meds before watching this one: Australian politician who was part of the mechanism for intimidation, coercion, threats and other means to force the vaxx on everyone, now says if you get sick from it, it’s YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT because you had informed consent and you made a free choice.

There may not be enough rope in the Western hemisphere…

5. Something is up at ModeRNA and Pfizer. Or rather something is down.

Edward Dowd is a former Blackrock hedge fund manager:

He started digging into death statistics from insurance companies and funeral homes:

He also started accusing Pfizer and Moderna of fraud in the vaccine clinical trials:

Then the Moderna CEO deleted his twitter account 2 days ago:

He has dumped $400M worth of MRNA stock:

Noubar Afeyan is another Moderna cofounder who has dumped shares for $1.5B.

They have a huge incentive to do another pump&dump with another risky vaccine:

Thank you all who are paying attention and trying to correct a planet that has been upended on its power axis.

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2 Replies to “Australian authority says its your own damn fault if your vaxx damaged cause you had informed consent: Links 1, February 13, 2022”

  1. 4- He’s the first world leader to inadvertantly admit injection injury.

    5- My read is that A: A judge is forcing the publication of vaxx study notes that will reveal bad science in vaxx development and
    B: The Canadian truckers’ convoy is galvanizing anti-mandate sentiment worldwide.

    Both will drop sales and company share values. Time to cash out.

  2. Of course the police are vaxx exempt. As are the CBC and civil service.
    Good gods, people! You don’t want to kill your stormtroopers, propagandists and tax collectors.
    How would you run a police state if you killed all the screws?

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