Trucker & protest files for France on February 11, 2022

(French Tweet translation) “Gendarmerie tanks have just arrived in Paris a few hours before the arrival of the freedom convoys in the capital.”

(Technically these are Armoured Personnel Carriers, as tanks have treads and these have wheels.)


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  1. global news – Paris bans Canadian-inspired French convoy from entering city

    Inspired by the so-called ‘freedom convoy’ in Canada, a protest against pandemic restrictions in France is now planning to make a stop in Paris before heading to Brussels, Belgium.

    It’s unclear who started the European convoy but it appears to have support from France’s Yellow Vest protesters.

    In 2018. that group flooded the streets of Paris with demonstrations that first started over rising fuel prices, which eventually escalated to clashes with police.

    Crystal Goomansingh looks at how authorities plan to push back on demonstrators this time around.

  2. Police build barricades in central Paris to stop truck convoy

    French police built barricades on Friday morning, in an attempt to block the Champs-Elysees and other streets around the Presidential Palace, as a convey of trucks protesting COVID-19 politics is due to try to to enter Paris.

    Special equipment and concrete blocks were also brought to help stop the trucks from heading to their final destination, to join the main demonstration in Brussels on Monday, despite a ban.

    Dubbed the ‘European truck convoy,’ the action is inspired by the Canadian protests, which have attracted thousands of truck drivers and protesters, coming together to oppose COVID-19 restrictions, vaccine mandates, and the government’s handing of the situation.

  3. French “freedom convoy” protesters merge ahead of planned rally in Paris

    Hundreds of COVID-19 restriction protesters gathered in La Chapelle-Saint-Aubin on Friday as convoys hailing from various western French towns were converging on their way to Paris.

    Inspired by horn-blaring trucker convoy demonstrations in Canada, the motorists – from multiple cities across France – gathered outside Paris during Friday seeking to defy a police order not to enter the city.

    “The people have to go back and live normally,” said Maryse Richard, a pensioner who came to supporter participants to the convoy. “We have to stop now because (whether) you get the vaccine or not, you get COVID, so it’s really stupid.”

    Meanwhile, France mobilized thousands of police, armoured personnel carriers and water cannon trucks in Paris on Friday to keep out convoys of motorists.

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