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4 Replies to “LIVE STREAM from the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit, and Ottawa”

  1. twitter @CityAdrian

    Protestors have just held a vote at the Ambassador Bridge blockade, they’ve voted to stay and link arms when the court issued injunction kicks in at 7pm tonight.

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    The court ordered injunction at the Ambassador Bridge has kicked in and there’s more protestors here now than at any other point this week. They’re streaming in by the dozens.

    It’s hard to see police stepping in at this hour with so many people here celebrating, and carrying on

    + VIDEO



  2. REBEL NEWS – The Ambassador Bridge after the State Of Emergency announced by Doug Ford

    ( 52 min 25 )

    Reporter David Menzies reported live from the Windsor convoy protest earlier today. Moments after the province of Ontario announced a state of emergency to clear the blockade.

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