This morning Protestors for Freedom blocked access roads to the Ottawa Airport

While Trudeau’s minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra Tweets his frustration

Governments should think of this as “travel equity”. Our own governments have stated openly, and been caught clandestinely saying that they intended to make the life of the unvaxxed as difficult as possible and inconvenient in every way. This is the people doing it back. Its just equity. Exactly what Trudeau is so determined to achieve for Canada.

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10 Replies to “This morning Protestors for Freedom blocked access roads to the Ottawa Airport”

  1. Hmmm… makes me think someone is trying to push the trucker’s movement over the edge and piss off a lot of people not tied to the government.

    • Maybe they should think of it as a kind of vaccinated equity. That they have to endure the same hardships as the unvaccinated do. Seems like something a Trudeau supporter should appreciate if its worded that way.

      Plus stopping travel is stopping the spread right? Or do they only like lockdowns when they do it?

  2. These Canadian truckers are awesome! We freedom lovers around the world can’t thank them enough for their cunning and courage.

  3. Forces scattering and regrouping. Ottawa Police will have its hands full this weekend.
    And now that the weather is nicer, less cold, I hope more people show up.

    BTW: Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier died on February 08, he was 89. His death was announced as from natural causes. He left peacefully surrounded by his family.

  4. I surely would hate to see the natives take this time to blockade the rails again. Think of planes, trains and truckers, oh my, the revolt of the people might have a chance of working. Catch is that means, if that is to succeed, it means firing all the Shwappy leaders of the future. The globalist rot in Canada is embedded in all levels of government from muncipal to federal.

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