True North is offering $6,500.00 for anyone who can identify the false flag NAZI at the Trucker’s Protest

True North link here. They have several photos and videos of the man and are offering so far, $6,500.00 for a positive ID.

We may have a few photos of him as well:

In the next photo, pay extra attention to the flag itself. Notice that it still has all the creases from the package. This was likely opened and mounted that morning, meaning this was no Nazi but someone who wanted to inject that symbol into the protest.

Good hunting!

I would start around Trudeau’s office. My guess is that is where the origin is. That or the Liberal Party of Canada’s dirty tricks group. And have no doubt they have one.

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  1. In my opinion after seeing the flag and everything around it it appears to me that this individual has been paid by the Trudeau Government to set up the truckers and demonstrators – just like the so called Capitol Riot on January 6th in the USA was a set up by Pelosi and the Democratic Party to set up Trump and his supporters.

  2. There is a banner on the same staff as the NAZI flag. It is seen from the reverse and appears to spell out “Trudeau” (reversed). I wonder what the significance/intent was.

    • It was just the back of the flag cause of the wind.

      The guy put the standard Trudeau flag on the same pole deliberately to associate the Trucker protest for Freedom with the Nazis. This of course is manufacturing evidence for Trudeau’s dialectics that the Trucker movement is a yada yada blah blah blah movement.

    • We didn’t shoot them. We gave them an experimental lead injection which was to prevent any future health problems. Except instead of a syringe, it was from a 1917 Enfield.

    • LOL.

      I’ll bet that if someone had beaten him up, they wouldn’t have been charged, because in the process, they would have had to reveal whom the “Nazi” was.

      • Not charged for sure. But you can write the CBC script yourself if people had.

        “Violence broke out today at the Trucker Protest in Ottawa where a group of people, some of them with Nazi insignias, went into fisticuffs resulting in at least one person landing in hospital. Police are looking into charges as the Mayor now demands that the protest, which attracts far right wingers right up to Neo-nazis” be ended immediately.”

        Does that sound about right? Our entire news feed is now written by Michael Moore.

  3. Please also note, the pole is segmented, probably 1″ PVC pipe (male and female ends) and in about 2′ pieces, easily stored in a suitcase.

  4. The problem is there is no video clip of the guy carrying the flag. Only photos. Could the face be a photoshop? So strange, no video.

    • There’s a video out there…..and the truckers were making fun of him and he walked off….again it’s too much of a coincidence that turdoo’s personal photographer (3rd pic bearded guy…..I think) was there to take pictures.

  5. I’d look to turdoo’s personal photographer……

    He (3rd picture bearded guy….I think) was fortunately there to get the photo opportunity……

    Imagine his luck.

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