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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. “Meanwhile an A4 letter, allegedly written by one of the year six students, to Labour MP Lilian Greenwood, was also posted online.”


    “It said: ‘This week in Year Six we have been looking at our aspirations and role models for the future.

    ‘We looked at famous leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, and we have also looked at teachers and headteachers who are doing their part in keeping us happy, healthy and safe.

    ‘We also looked at people who we respect and disappointingly, our own Prime Minister has not made it onto this list.

    ‘During this past week I watched a story on BBC Newsround that stated our PM is under investigation for 12 parties that have apparently occurred – a few of which had over 100 people at them when we weren’t even allowed to meet more than two people.

    ‘What makes this matter worse is that when he was questioned about it in Parliament he said the following, ”I have been reassured there was no party.” This is a lie.

    MP Ian Blackford, attempted to challenge the PM on regarding this matter and was kicked out of parliament for merely stating the truth, that Boris Johnson ”has misled the house”.

    ‘Boris Johnson has lied on multiple occasions and had not been told the withdraw any of these lies.

    ‘This week at PMQs Boris Johnson stated: ”We have the fastest growing economy in the G7.” We do not.

    ‘We actually have the 5th fastest with an estimation of 2.5 million people unable to pay rent.

    ‘He then also went on to say that ”there were more people in work now before the pandemic”, and again Boris Johnson lied to the UK, as there are another 600,000 people without work.

    ‘This very same day, he said that crime had dropped by 14% since he had been PM. He lied – it has actually risen by 14%. Where is his resignation?

    ‘People had faith that he could lead us through a pandemic, but he couldn’t. His job was to keep us happy, healthy and safe but he failed that too, therefore he should resign and instead of fixing problems, he has left the UK with an even bigger problem and with a government I can’t trust.

    ‘This will now influence people to not listen to any new regulations and instead copy the footsteps of Boris Johnson.

    ‘He is a hypocrite and can no longer be trusted as our leader and should resign as the country is not in the right hands.

    ‘To sum it all up, I am enraged. Infuriated. I feel lied to and that we desperately need a new leader.

    ‘I feel that there is no reason to trust our government and as a British citizen, the Prime Minister should resign. This letter is on behalf of my country.'”

  2. Yesterday the Radio Man had a hard time staying on message. His name is Rob Snow and he is controlled opposition. He head fakes right then turns left. Too many callers to his call-in show were supporting the dropping of all injection mandates. The mandate narrative is cracking. It’s easy to hear in his voice the irritation as he cuts them off. Legacy media has a tiger by the tail. It has had its own way for too long, and the people have had enough. Maybe they will arrest or scare off all the truckers, but too much hope has been felt by too many. We have seen some light and we will be greedy for more no matter how the convoy ends. Some things you can’t un-see. Hope is one of those things, it seems.

    Here, a good man with limited information is forced to speculate on hidden hands. Clearly he has suffered an industrial accident in his shop. A squirrel’s arse has been accidentally welded to his chin. I commend him for not drawing attention to this tragic event. With limited information we can only speculate on the whereabouts of the rest of the squirrel. Life can be cruel.

  3. Canada is 3.855 million square miles in area. The trucker’s protest that Dear Leader, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the SWAT teams and all the rest of the weight of government that is coming down on these people occupies about one square mile. That’s one square mile out of 3.855 million that is inconvenienced for the liberation of the rest. Honk! Honk! (can I get fined for writing it?)

  4. the mirror – New Partygate image shows Boris Johnson and open bottle of bubbly at No 10 Xmas quiz

    The image shows the Prime Minister flanked by three members of staff, one wearing tinsel and another a Santa hat, at the event on December 15, 2020

    The Met Police faces fresh calls to investigate a No 10 “virtual” Christmas quiz after a new picture emerged of Boris Johnson with an open bottle of bubbly.

    The image shows the Prime Minister flanked by three members of staff, one wearing tinsel and another a Santa hat, at the event on December 15, 2020.

    On the desk in front of him – from where he read out quiz questions to teams across the building – is what appears to be champagne and a half-eaten packet of crisps.

    Mr Johnson was accused of personally breaking Covid laws by hosting the festive event after the Mirror revealed last year that it had taken place.

    At the time London was under Tier 2 regulations banning any social mixing between two or more people from different households.

    Official guidance also stated: “You must not have a work Christmas lunch or party, where that is a primarily social activity and is not otherwise permitted by the rules in your tier.”

    Just two days after the Mirror’s initial story, the PM said: “I can tell you once again that I certainly broke no rules.”

    But the Christmas quiz is not one of the dozen No 10 gatherings under investigation by police.

    This is despite a smaller festive quiz held in the Cabinet Office just two days later being looked at.

    One Covid laws expert said that Scotland Yard should now add the Downing Street Christmas quiz to the list of events it is probing.

    Barrister Adam Wagner told The Mirror: “The previous photograph of the Prime Minister showed what could have been a meeting briefly interrupted by a Zoom call.

    “However, the new photograph shows four people with alcohol and food, as well as a Christmas hat and tinsel, which suggests a Christmas party.

    “This was held at a time when indoor social gatherings of two or more people were banned and the Government had told people they “must” not have a Christmas party.”

    The top lawyer added: “In light of the new evidence it now makes no sense for this gathering not to be investigated by the police given that an almost identical gathering in the Cabinet Secretary Simon Case’s office two day’s later is being investigated.”

    In the new image, Mr Johnson appears to be putting a badge on his suit jacket.

    more :

  5. “The Biden think tank — which employed Sleepy Joe and top Regime officials — profits off the jabs they stick American children with and it is a demonic disgrace. I bring the Truth with the great Owen Shroyer” Patrick Howley – February 8, 2022 – Twitter Money Ties To Jab: U Penn, Factcheck Directly Profit From FDA
    The Stew Peters Show – February 8, 2022

  6. CBC – B.C. doctors draw crowds with COVID-19 misinformation presentations

    Two doctors in B.C. have been drawing crowds to presentations where they spout misinformation about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Other physicians want the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC to take action to stop them.

    • CDC Vaccine Adverse Reaction Events January 28, 2022
      35,000 injuries in children 5 to 17

      Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, heart attack, paralyzed, miscarriages

      Does the CBC think the CDC is not telling the truth about the vaccine injured?

      Many doctors believe the numbers presented represent less than 1 % of the actual injuries.

      DEFUND the CBC and the other media in Canada.

    • twitter @disclosetv

      UPDATE – Dr. Fauci: “There may be the need for yet again another boost, in this case a fourth dose,” for some.

      + video


      twitter @moderna_tx

      What if #mRNA could treat life-threatening #cardiovascular diseases such as #HeartFailure?

      We are collaborating with @AstraZeneca on an mRNA therapeutic (AZD8601) that encodes for VEGF-A to promote recovery of cardiac function through tissue regeneration.



      on this page :


      Speculation over fate of Quebec’s vaccine passport shows the need for independent advice: Anglade

    • CTV PRAVDA – Public discussion around COVID-19 has been ‘warped’: doctor

      ( 3 min 02 )

      Dr. Lynora Saxinger says COVID-19 transmission in Alberta remains widespread and warns that loosening public health restrictions will place more pressure on an already stressed system.

    • Edmonton city council mulls their own restrictions

      Could Edmonton bring in its own vaccine passport requirement?

      City council has requested a report to explore the variable of bringing in their own restrictions.

    • zero hedge – “They Will Not Silence Me”: Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Was Pressured Not To Reveal It’s Mild

      The doctor who discovered the Omicron Covid-19 strain, Angelique Coetzee, says that she was pressured by European governments not to reveal that it had mild presentation, according to an interview in Germany’s Welt.

      When asked if it’s true, Coetzee replied: “I was told not to state publicly that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined.” (translated).

      “What does that mean?” replied Welt.

      “I am a clinician and based on the clinical picture there are no indications that we are dealing with a very serious disease. The course is mostly mild. I’m not saying you won’t get sick if you’re mild.

      “The definition of mild Covid-19 disease is clear, and it is a WHO definition: patients can be treated at home and oxygen or hospitalization is not required,” she said, adding: “A serious illness is one in which we see acute pulmonary respiratory infections: people need oxygen, maybe even artificial respiration. We saw that with Delta – but not with Omikron. So I said to people, “I can’t say it like that because it’s not what we’re seeing.””

      When asked why she was prevented from telling the truth, Coetzee said “They tried, but they didn’t make it.”

      “What I said at one point – because I was just tired of it – was: In South Africa this is a mild illness, but in Europe it is a very serious one. That’s what your politicians wanted to hear.”

      According to Coetzee, she wasn’t pressured by South African authorities – and was instead criticized by scientists in the UK and Netherlands, who said “How can you explain that it’s a mild disease? It’s a serious illness. Look at the mutations.”

      My reports have thrown them off track. In a pandemic, you also have to look at what is happening at the grassroots level. The general practitioners who treat the sick every day must be asked what they experience, how the clinical picture presents itself. -Welt

      When Omicron first emerged, Dr. Anthony Fauci played dumb right after praising South African doctors, saying: “The things that we don’t know right now are whether the people who do get infected have a severer form of the disease or whether it’s a light disease or somewhat the same as delta.”


      And recall what CNN’s resident lockdown fanatic Leana Wen said in November about Omicron.

      3 key Qs about new #covid19 variants:
      1) Is it more contagious?
      2) Is it more virulent?
      3) Is there immune escape?
      Lots unanswered re Omicron, but the Biden admin had to act.
      Imagine the outcry if they did not institute a travel ban & this variant took hold in the US.

  7. CBC – Ottawa protests front and centre in U.S. culture wars

    Anti-COVID-19 restriction protests in Ottawa are front and centre of the U.S. culture wars, with right-wing media and politicians voicing their support.

    The response has helped a new online fundraiser raise millions of dollars in a few days.

  8. global news – “Freedom convoy” in France, inspired by Canadian protests, gets underway

    Protesters gathered in southern France on Wednesday for what they say will be a “freedom convoy” that will converge on Paris and Brussels to demand an end to COVID-19 restrictions, inspired by Canada’s anti-mandate protests.

    Seen waving Canadian flags, the protesters said they planned to head first to Paris, then on to Brussels — headquarters of the European Union — to demand, among other things, the scrapping of rules barring people from public venues if they don’t have a COVID-19 vaccination.

    The convoy was made up of motorcycles and private cars, but no trucks.

  9. GERMANY – FÜRTH 31 vehicles damaged as truck driver crashes through red light

    An intoxicated truck driver rammed his vehicle into parked cars after ignoring a red light in southern Germany, pushing vehicles up against buildings and causing some of them to catch fire, police said.

    Three people were slightly injured and 31 vehicles damaged in the incident in Fuerth, just outside Nuremberg, on Tuesday evening.

    The truck driver first skipped a red light, touching a car that was at a crossroads in the process, and carried on without stopping, according to a police statement.

    The driver, a 50-year-old Turkish citizen with no permanent residence in Germany, was arrested at the scene, police said.

    The collisions caused several cars, the facade of a house and the truck itself to catch fire. The house was evacuated.

  10. global news – Ontario to roll out free rapid tests in grocery stores, pharmacies

    Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott announced Wednesday that rapid antigen COVID-19 tests will now be available to residents in pharmacies and grocery stores, with a limit of one box per household, per visit.

    She said it would be up to the businesses on how the rapid tests can be distributed, such as through appointments or in-store pickup.

    As Alberta and Saskatchewan drop most COVID-19 restrictions, Elliott was asked if measures in the province may be removed earlier than scheduled according to the province’s reopening plan. She said there was no plan to drop the proof of vaccination or masking requirements yet as the province is “not in the clear” to do so.

    The next phase of reopening is expected to see the easing of more public health measures, including removing capacity limits in indoor public settings where proof of vaccination is required, permitting spectators at 50 per cent capacity for sporting events, concert venues and theatres, and increasing social gathering limits to 25 people indoors and 100 outdoors. It will occur on Feb. 21.

  11. ARTE PRAVDA – Can mRNA Vaccines Cure Cancer?

    Our most powerful weapon against the covid-19 pandemic has been the little known messenger RNA technology.

    But researchers have been developing it for the last 20 years with the initial goal of creating a cancer vaccine.

  12. Nobel Prize in Medicine, Professor Luc Montagnier is Dead

    Professor Luc Montagnier Death – Obituary News; Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008, died peacefully on February 8, 2022, in the presence of his children. Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased. Full obituary and funeral arrangements will be officially released by the family.

  13. Russian Missile Systems Arrive in Belarus

    S-400 missile systems have arrived in Belarus from Russia, as the joint military drills are about to kick off.

  14. Tehran Unveils New Long-Range Missile

    The new ‘Kheibar Shekan’ surface-to-surface missile was disclosed on Iran’s state TV. The ballistic missile was developed and built domestically by scientists from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and has a reported range of 1,450 km.

  15. BC bringing in vaccine mandate for all remaining health-care workers | FULL

    More than three months after promising to require all health-care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the province is finally implementing the policy.

    Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced on Wednesday family doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and pharmacists will be required to be vaccinated by March 24, 2022.

    Henry said there is a process in place for medical exemptions, which can be submitted to her office. “We have been working with the colleges to sort through the details on the notice we put forward in October. It is about creating a standard,” Henry said.

    Health-care workers in acute care and in long-term care are already required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. There is fewer than 3,000 workers province-wide who refused to get vaccinated and were fired due to that decision.

    + COMMENTS on the YT page

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