Nurse who was destroyed by CBC lies, confronts her attackers

You know, it’s funny but CBC is trying to make themselves the victims of their own actions. In write-ups here and there, i see them congratulating themselves for taking abuse from the public while doing their job. But never once asking if the abuse was justified. In fact, it’s about a ten thousandth of what they deserve.


I would like to give them an award though. One they truly deserve and in reality have worked hard to earn.


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One Reply to “Nurse who was destroyed by CBC lies, confronts her attackers”

  1. The same answer those Concentration Camp guards used.
    They are in my humble opinion in the same league as those guards and should be treated like it when all of this is finally over.
    If I’m still alive to see it happening…. I’m not so sure any longer, but it WILL and HAS to HAPPEN

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