Canadian Trucker Protest post for Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Let’s start with a presser from last night, February 8th, which is very good but was on Facebook. Frankly I don’t think anyone should have to ever go to Facebook since their chief business is making tools for tyrants. It was Facebook that in no small part rigged the last US election against Trump, not hacked voting pads.

Nonetheless, the presser was there but I moved a copy to Bitchute:

More will be added here, and in the comments all day.

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    • French ‘freedom convoy’ gets under way in protest at Covid-19 restrictions

      Protesters set out from southern France on Wednesday in what they call a “freedom convoy” that will converge on Paris and Brussels to demand an end to COVID-19 restrictions, inspired by demonstrators who have blocked a Canadian border crossing.

  1. Stop kissing Muslim ass
    When they will be majorly we will be terrorized and eradicated
    Trudope was voted in because of the muslum vote
    You know that for fact all of you
    F political correctness

    • Beautiful. When one sees the harsh winter conditions the people endured to cheer on the Truckers, and I remember well how cold it was, this is a movement. And these people are our heroes also.

  2. PM Trudeau, MPs face more questions about Joël Lightbound’s criticism of federal pandemic response

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several MPs face more questions from reporters about Liberal MP Joël Lightbound’s criticism of the federal government’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (February 9, 2022)

  3. CBC – Windsor police seek additional officers to help with protest at Ambassador Bridge

    …. police are seeking more resources to manage a growing demonstration against COVID-19 vaccine mandates at the Ambassador Bridge.

    • That guy resigned in Dec I believe and is the truckers head of security now. But the video in article I wasn’t able to load, maybe something in the video.

  4. ctv – Here’s how the protests in Ottawa are fuelling right-wing extremists

    Analyst with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue Ciaran O’Connor explains how the Ottawa protests are fuelling right-wing extremists.

  5. reuters – Explainer: How has the so-called ‘freedom convoy’ spread?

    Truck drivers demanding an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates have disrupted major Canadian cities and clogged key U.S.-Canada border crossings. Now, copycat protests are spreading around the world. How did this all start and spread?

  6. CBC – Saskatchewan premier declines to denounce protests in Ontario and Alberta

    ‘I am going to stay out of telling them [protesters] what to do,’ said Sask. Premier Scott Moe of the ongoing demonstrations against COVID-19 measures in Ottawa, Windsor and Coutts, Alta.

    ‘It certainly is going to get everyone’s attention … and it isn’t for me to judge ultimately whether they should or not.’

  7. BRIDGE, now: Check out replies.

    Sizable contingent of towtrucks assembled in proximity to the #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade. – Certainly looks like Windsor Police are ready for an action, but I don’t know beyond this video.

    “According to Zello chat the towtrucks have moved out of sight but have been found.

    User Squirrel Green says a City of Windsor employee who is their friend called to let them know where the trucks are now.”

  8. global pravda – Trucker protests: Misinformation fuels copycats as Ottawa convoy gains international support

    Global’s Jackson Proskow looks at the false information and right-wing media fuelling much of that support around the globe.

  9. CBC – Threat of criminal charges, vehicle seizures won’t dissuade Ottawa protesters

    … instead of packing up, some are digging in.

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