A couple of pictures from the protest in Ottawa, February 8, 2022

Trudeau loves to pontificate and bloviate that he speaks for Canadians while accusing anyone who disagrees with his exact position of being a racist, sexist, white supremacist and Islamophobe and any other terms of marxist dialectics he can recall at any given moment. But a short walk around even the quietist moments of the Trucker protest will show you who the real Canadians are, and what they think of Trudeau.

Below, a table of free stuff. From food to warm socks!

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  1. Since PM Trudeau is proving himself more and more to be merely the spokesperson for global masters, it’s little wonder that he has to hide from the Truckers and decline to meet with them.
    He’d need to be suited up with a Secret-Service-like communications’ device so that his masters could feed him what to say during negotiations — and the Truckers would be wise to him. Humiliating in the extreme for the PM.

    He seems to be on an extended losing streak; I’d like to see him man up and do what’s right for Canadians. His past indiscretions (the ones — I’m assuming — for which he’s being blackmailed) can be forgiven if he stops allowing the evil Mr. Global et al to manipulate him like a petrified schoolboy.
    Unless, that is, his master is Satan; then he’s REALLY in trouble. (Though, in truth, the Evil Foe and Mr. Global are one and the same.)

  2. Love the photo of the young man and woman holding up signs stating, “We won’t leave until we can talk to the manager.” I have been trying to get anyone human on the phone for the past 6 months and I am fed up to the core so I believe its time to call their bluff and write the article about Institutional money laundering. I just came across your page and I am inspired to do so now. I have flash drives, hand transcribed evidence taken from my phone and PC diagnostics, anything that could protect the truth and my dignity as most files would fly off my phone faster than fart in mid air.

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