Trucker Protest Post for Canada for February 6, 2022

This post will be updated as possible during the day, but please check the comments regularly for news, videos and updates on this continuing historic event, that is likely responsible already for Provincial leaders making noises about restoring basic freedoms, and the federal Conservative party shedding its version of Grima Wormtongue in favour of potentially the best man in the country to lead us back to classical liberal values.

Presser: VERY GOOD

Massive crowds all around Parliament on February 5, 2022

Perhaps a reader of this site can inform the rest of us exactly how hard it is to ignite diesel and why it is different from white gas.

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  1. I will be making a new donation to the truckers freedom convoy 2022 I will not be waiting for the refund from go fund me I will get it back eventually but in the meantime I will make a new donation through give the safe go to the truckers I think the go fund me are corrupt bunch of bastards and I would never send any donation to anybody through them and as far as the police are concerned in Ottawa they are just as corrupt bunch of bastards at the top

  2. Where the Canadian Governor General in all of this tyranny in Canada?
    Mary Simon is the current Governor General.
    The Governor General has not been reticent in the past to intervene in Canadian and Australian politics to weed out undesirables.
    Since the Governor General is the vice regal, she is in effect the head of Canada so why is she and therefore Queen Elizabeth 2 permitting a commie China loving Prime Minister to destroy the country?

  3. Fox News – Ted Cruz demands FTC launch investigation into GoFundMe for seizing trucker convoy funds

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said he sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking for an investigation into GoFundMe after the for-profit crowdfunding platform ended the fundraiser for Canadian truckers.

    “Today I sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking that the FTC open an investigation into GoFundMe into whether they’ve committed deceptive trade practices,” Cruz told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

    “Because when people gave money, they gave money under the promise it would go to the Freedom Convoy, not to whatever left-wing political ideology GoFundMe and other Silicon Valley companies support. They are deceiving consumers and it is wrong,”

    • Mit be an insight of the feelings of the police force. Is there examples in history when the police and or military refused to oppress the people and joined the people? Must have happened. If so, how can that not happen in Canada.

    • Thank you Martin for this. I’ve heard of arrests for bringing in fuel and that Coventry yard where fuel storage is apparently is being taken over by police. I’ve heard. This video shows they expect all that. The coming days will be very interesting. Its a warm week, thank God.

  4. Drones overhead! Treating lawfully protesting citizens like they are ISIS!

    Witnesses say before the police raid they saw a drone fly overhead surveilling them.

    Then dozens of officers came over the snow banks and surrounded them

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