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3 Replies to “Update from Convoy”

  1. I get so excited every time I see one of these posts or when they take a video of all of the trucks and just the comradery of people in different countries coming together to fight for our Freedoms. I don’t think that we will ever again be just casual acquaintances but lifelong friends and our movement will change the world. Those Evil Leftists thought they had this sown up and they were so very wrong. Soon they will all be running for their lives. I believe that this was a Godsend to wake us up and open our eyes to what was happening as we just stood by ignoring what was transpiring. Love all of you out there and what you stand for and this is the biggest Event of coming back to our roots as Free people under our one true God and that we will forever remember this and I pray that we never again allow ourselves to become complacent. I thank God for all of you.

  2. The government is getting desperate. But I don’t see the WEF elites giving in. What’s next? Waco in Ottawa? These folks are brave beyond belief.

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