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One Reply to “Florida’s Ron DeSantis supports the Canadian Freedom Trucker’s Protest!”

  1. Yes I think it was a good interview. I would have to say that I think perception is playing a very large role in media. I would also like to say that I would like to see NewsMax become a top source of accurate, trusted news. They have a fair way to go yet. The money raised on that corrupt Go Fund Me organization for the Truckers Freedom 2022 convoy was over 10 Million $$ Dollars !! Perception matters. So does getting a person’s name right. I expect a full refund from gofundme !! So I will be donating again right now on the Give Send Go platform !! There have been times that I wanted to donate but didn’t because the fund’s would be handled by go fund me. I have never heard a bad word about Give Send Go. I am flabbergasted by how proud I am to be Canadian right now. My emotions are running amuck right now!! Freedom loving Canadians will be victorious in this war for the Freedom of all Canadians !! Thank you Canadian truckers for lighting the fuse that started this explosion of Freedom across Canada and around the world.

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