When Neil Young gives himself the middle finger

This is genius

Thank you Johnny U.

Meanwhile, Canadian farmers in Sarnia block the US border!

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  1. “When Neil Young gives himself the middle finger”

    No.Neil Young gave Joe Rogan and Spotify the well deserved middle finger.He took a moral stand,and it cost him a good part of his income from the sale of his music.RESPECT for putting his money where his mouth is,whether you agree with his stand or not.
    Personally,attacks by anti-vaccers on our Public Health measures combating Covid-19 pandemic and evidence-based science is probably one reason why Humanity will destroy itself.You first. Just sayin’.

    • If only there was no political backdrop to all this. But, we live in a world of totalitarian ideologies where the West is hated. Men should not be men.

      Of Communism, (to nudge a crisis towards their dictators’ world-domination), of biology lab leaks of medicine and biowarfar, and the prevention of grassroots doctors from using simpler medications…

      And so yes the plan to create a wall with a new yet unproven (but great lab results we can only see in 55 years), mRNA vaccine – is a no-brainer.

      The moving of Republicans to Socialism and Democrats to Marxism, with the mistrust of the over-reach from surveillanced, speech-regulated, open prisons would not factor-in with this data-bonanza, give-away offered them.

      The science works, so far. The negative side effects of mRNA vaccines appearing anecdotal as Yuri Geller being able to start people’s broken watches and people then calling in their experience. But this could change.

      People need an outlet, and Vlad had given us this opportunity to hear everyone.

      The blockade from truckers told to vaccinate or not be employed is one action you are not happy with. I think you should be sterilized to save the planet. Please report to your local government office. And you probably would. Whereas, there are alternatives to a gun to the head.

      To get beyond intimidation – used to imprint trauma to define themselves as willing-slaves. Where reasonable people find themselves being defined as part of a Hate Group for not believing. That their ancestry defined them as Good or Evil.

    • Ronnie! Long time no smell! All your other troll holes boot you out?

      Sanctimony and self-righteousness sure aren’t in short supply, are they. You lefties are a little greedy in hoarding those qualities. And if overestimating one’s own impact on society was worthy something old Kneel would be much richer than he surely is. So pat yourself on the back and slap yourself in the face for missing the truth again, Ronnie. The health care we are getting is Big-Pharma-Profit based rather than science based, and humanity will be glorious if only it can rid itself of the sick Satanists who want to destroy it.

      This song is the anthem of our time. Let Neil Young wear it.

      • “You lefties.. ”

        Johnnyu, please play the ‘better or worse ideas,’ and not use Saul Alinsky’s ad hominems.

        Neil Young made a stand. He does not let the tares grow with the wheat together. We know that mindset from history. Ron’s opinion therefore, is valuable. A drag Queen may look radiant, but stand him next to a her, and it fails miserably.

        Let the light of reason be your sulphur.

        So watch him be castrated for the good of mankind as she so wishes. Always good to hear such thoughts – as in the flesh they provide evidence of this journey’s end.

    • The science is good:

      My thoughts of taking two vaccines plus a booster were initially to protect my customers, but never was I compelled to for someone’s sense of Righteousness.

      I knew the risks, and made my choice.

      That some didn’t, I’m glad, because how could the virus mutate into a weaker form to act as a future vaccine? Did anyone believe 100% was possible unless we invaded other counties who took a more democratic line and liberated them?

      To be injected with a version of omacron may become so cheap.

      So please don’t be disheartened Ron. The exposure of trigger-reactions of readers and writers – is the only cure worth having.

    • No, giving an ultimatum is throwing your weight around and has no moral value. He didn’t say, “I object to Joe Rogan so I will step away from this platform”. That would be as repugnant as an author saying he didn’t want his book in the same library as Mein Kampf so he withdraws permission to stock it there, or maybe more accurately, pulling his books from a store that sold other books he didn’t like.

      But he delivered an ultimatum, the purpose of which is to bully and intimidate a 3rd party to do what you want or you will pull whatever trigger you have.

      As for money, Young sold 50% or more of his rights. So he only gave up half as much as he would have got from Spotify. But he gets lots and lots of mailbox money from Youtube and every other method people play music at.

      What a principled stand looks like, is the hundreds and thousands of doctors and nurses that gave up ALL their income and their ability to earn altogether as well as in some cases their licences to their career which they loved and worked hard to achieve because they either wouldn’t take the shot, or more often gave people their factual medical opinion that caused ‘vaccine hesitancy’. I know one doctor personally who had his home and practice raided by police and private patient files taken because of it.

      Those are heroes who put their money and careers where their mouths are, and they didn’t threaten anyone or demand anyone else be stopped from speaking.

      So no. Try again.

        • I should have added, that Young took a gamble. That makes it even less of a noble effort. If he won, he would increase the money he made from the publicity and got rid of someone he doesn’t agree with and therefore feels does not have a right to a platform.

          If he lost, he didn’t lose much.

          If that is noble so is every deadbeat in Vegas.

    • Ron, “Personally,attacks by anti-vaccers on our Public Health measures combating Covid-19 pandemic and evidence-based science is probably one reason why Humanity will destroy itself.”

      The public health measures are pseudo-science. Please use the correct term next time. Your remarks, imply there is evidence and repeatable expirements to back up these so called heath measures.

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