Ottawa Truck protest news, videos, articles and photos for February 2, 2022

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The reasoned debate of the left

Pretty sure the man above has strong strong confidence in the fair-mindedness and peaceful nature of this protest. Because frankly, I cannot imagine taking on a crowd of truckers at night by myself even if I was in the right.

A few minutes ago:


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  1. city news – Freedom convoy may trigger racialized trauma for people of colour

    Some POC say they’ve received more online hate as a result of the freedom convoys and rallies – where can they find support for their racialized trauma?

    Sarah Chew talks to a biracial counsellor.

  2. NEWSMAX – Canadian trucker: We want our freedom back

    On Wednesday’s “National Report,” Canadian truck driver Doug Braithwaite was asked why he joined the “Freedom Convoy” protest.

  3. RT – Vilification tactics? | Canadian govt v truckers’ border blockade

    Canadian authorities have strongly condemned the participants in the massive demonstration against mandatory vaccinations on the Canada-US border, assuming them to have ‘extreme views’

  4. REBEL NEWS – DAY 5: Freedom Convoy Still Strong In Ottawa

    Every trucker we spoke to states that there is no chance they are leaving anytime soon until their demands are met.

  5. GBN – Started with truckers but has become a national movement’

    ‘This started with truckers but has since become a national movement of people who are fed up with vaccine mandates’

    Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton discusses Canadian truckers protesting Covid restrictions after Justin Trudeau accused them of hatred and racism.

  6. Calls for Holocaust education amid hate symbols at vaccine mandate protest

    The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver says more Holocaust education is critical, as certain symbols were misused at vaccine mandate protests in Ottawa.

    + comments on the YT page

  7. Ottawa Police Chief: American Elements in organization & Funding.

    “We are now aware of a significant element from the United States, that have been involved in the funding, the organizing & the demonstrating.

    They have converged on our city & there are plans for more to come”.

  8. city news – Ottawa councillor calls for RCMP intervention

    An Ottawa city councillor says it’s time for the RCMP to take charge of what’s happening on Parliament Hill.

    While Ottawa police say all options are on the table, force may not work in this instance.

  9. CTV – ‘That’s what scares me’: Greg Fergus condemns Confederate flags in Ottawa protest

    Ottawa residents were shocked to see Nazi and Confederate flags being paraded through the city’s downtown core this past weekend mere steps from Parliament Hill during the trucker convoy protest, but for Black Canadians such images came at a particularly sensitive time.

    Tuesday marked the beginning of Black History Month when Canadians normally reflect on the legacy of Black Canadians and the leaders who paved the way for equality and justice. But as Quebec MP Greg Fergus said, “these are not normal times.”

    In an emotional speech in the House of Commons Wednesday, the MP for Hull-Aylmer denounced the hateful symbols that were freely displayed without intervention

    .“Let’s not mince words. The Confederate flag is a symbol for slavery. Whips deformed Black bodies, forced labour, mangled limps, torture almost always preceded lynchings,” the MP said.

    Fergus, who is also chair of the Parliamentary Black Caucus, went on to say that he assumed few people today tolerated the displaying of the flag in the name of freedom of expression, but wondered who else would support it. “Without realtime denunciations, how am I to know?

    “That’s what scares me.”

    He added that even 188 years since the abolition of slavery in Canada, in some people’s eyes, “I am not equal nor should I be free. This is why I celebrate black history, black Canadian history every February and throughout the year,” he said to a round of applause in the House.

    Fergus shared a video of his speech on Twitter to mark Black History Month in Canada, expressing his support for people’s right to peacefully protest.

    “The only way to eradicate all forms of hate in our society is to not passively stand by when it happens,” he said in his post.

    Videos of protesters flying the Confederate flag in the nation’s capital were spreading on social media over the weekend.

    Videos also showed the Patriote flag, used by Francophone rebels in the 19th century but has since been adopted by far-right ultranationalists from Quebec in the modern era. Others held up signs touting COVID-19 and vaccine conspiracy theories and misinformation.

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