Police are moving in, ready to arrest truck drivers and seize equipment if they continue to block the highway at the U.S.-Canada border

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Archive of live stream from around an hour ago

Adding more to this developing conflict

Some vehicles, including trucks, were seen leaving the blockade near Coutts, Alta., on Tuesday afternoon amid a growing presence of RCMP officers on foot.

+ video

Whole group is now headed to the back end of the blockade to meet with the RCMP

+ video

Rebel News – RCMP preventing food, medicine from reaching truckers border blockade

Farmers break through RCMP barricades setup near Coutts, Alberta to help support the border blockade. Peaceful but resolute. Have fun finding a tow truck,

+ video


Some protestors have now breached an RCMP roadblock north of Coutts. Several vehicles driving towards the blockade in the ditch

The mayor of Coutts, Alberta, says it is an “occupation” and “like being a hostage” telling police to make it gone. I don’t think he’s Antifa. Their occupation is in a field. Ours is on streets with houses kids and schools.

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22 Replies to “Police are moving in, ready to arrest truck drivers and seize equipment if they continue to block the highway at the U.S.-Canada border”

        • You’ll have to curate it for me.

          The summer before the 2016 election I let the enemedia make me physically sick. I’m not a snowflake: my condition is in remission [B”H]. Still, there’s no added value in trowelling garbage at this point in my life.

          I swore to abide by a Boycott List, add toxic sites all the time. Strings of obscenities, jooo-haters, communist msm – if it puts me off my chow, I don’t want it.

          Richard started hunting off-beat places. I check the screen grab when Martin embeds videos; I know what to avoid. I just need those cues.

          • Normally I don’t go near the stuff, either. What has changed is now I can go to Parliament Hill and see for myself, speak with people, feel the vibe, then hear the lies coming out afterward that are absolutely boldfaced in their unbridled venom. And I can watch people around me swallow it while choosing not to go down to see things just because it’s cold, or they’re afraid. It takes information warfare 101 out of the proverbial classroom and into the field.

  1. I think it’s interesting that they government and media are having a collective cow over truckers blocking roads. When BLM and Antifa did it, nothing was said, not a finger lifted. When BLM and Antifa yanked motorists out of cars and beat the snot out of them; when they set fire to buildings; when they assaulted bystanders and cops they called them “peaceful protests” and did nothing but lend support and cave to their demands. Now some folks are blocking the roads and they don’t like their message, so they’re “terrorists” and “Nazis” and they speak of arrests. I hope they block the roads until Justin turns purple. I’ll gladly eat my own shoes if necessary, it’s the least I can do.

    • Well said. The rule of law must apply to all protests. Progressive politicians ignoring BLM or Green activist destruction, while being so intolerant of causes they care less for, won’t work. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is now being used against the Left, and they hate it. Boo-hoo. Comforting the poor while afflicting the comfortable political class cuts both ways.

  2. ctv news – “Get out of the way”: Coutts, Alta. mayor on blockade

    Mayor Jim Willett says he wants to see all the vehicles blocking a highway at the Canada-U.S. border to ‘get out of the way.’

  3. ctv news – Some trucks leave as RCMP move on blockade at Alta. border

    Bill Fortier says new trucks and protesters have arrived on scene as RCMP move in to disperse the blockade.

  4. Christian churches across Canada can be burned to the grown or desecrated….and the police do nothing! Stand for freedom…..and they appear out of nowhere!
    Not the Canada I want!

  5. CBC – Canada-U.S. border blockade disrupting, says Coutts, Alta., mayor

    ( 11 min 30 )

    Mayor Jim Willett of Coutts, Alta., discusses the disruption that a blockade of the Canada-U.S. border in his municipality has caused.

    The demonstration is tied to an ongoing, nationwide protest over federal rules for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated truckers entering Canada from the U.S.

  6. Alberta Premier Kenney outlines the legal action that may be taken against the truckers

    ( 1 min 20 )

    Alberta Premier Kenney outlines the legal action that may be taken against the truckers blocking the Coutts border crossing, and says those who remain “have apparently refused to negotiate in good faith with the RCMP.”

  7. city news – Coutts border blockade could be first test of UCP law

    ( 2 min 29 )

    As RCMP threaten action on those blocking the highway at the Coutts border crossing, it could be the first test of a law introduced by the UCP government that brought in the harshest Canadian fines for blocking critical infrastructure.

  8. city news – Manitoba MLA removed from appointment over convoy support

    Manitoba MLA, Josh Guenter, has been removed from his recent appointment as a legislative assistant to the minister of health, following his support of recent protests.

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