Five items on the vaxx

1. Two Israelis leak some actual truth about the attitudes and nature of vaxx regulations in Israel, as well as hospital rates and so on to counter the official narrative we are all so used to.

2. Dr. Charles Hoffe is one of the very first to spot serious injury from the mRNA shots, and deaths. He has paid a mighty price for reporting them. Here he discusses the latest numbers of deaths and injuries. Fun fact: 1,000,000 Israelis did not show up for the 3rd shot, hence the mandates there.

3. Peter McCullough on treating the Vaxx injured

4. CTV propaganda using scientism (using the rhetoric of science to peddle something bereft of actual science but to an actual agenda) to con people into thinking that sub 5 year olds need to be injected with mRNA gene therapy for a disease that has killed none of them and barely affects them if at all.

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5. This should yield an interesting ratio. Since probably 0-0 about children of that age cohort have died of Covid, and greater than 0 will die of the vaxx, it should lead to some interesting numbers. Don’t believe in reincarnation? It feels like Mengele is back at work in this request.

For under 5s, the clot shot could be available by end of February. Dear Moms. Please do not sign your kids up for soccer if you plan to get them injected.

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  1. If my two, soon three beautiful grandchildren aged 4.5 and 15 months and spring newborn are forced to get this shot in order to attend K and special toddler programs …..

    I will go to jail and spend my 80’s in jail from making politicians and so called health fanatics pay for this tyranny and forced insanity

    Children and toddlers do not need these evil shots
    They are not part of immunization for babies and kids

    Although I think already the so called heath lunitics have included
    In the immunization mix now some unnecessary flu stuff

    I had to look up the cocktails that are forced on kids today
    It’s quite scary and has been done under the radar

    I’m not an anti vax person
    Had so many to travel in past… to third world countries
    Including yellow fever, meningitis, encephalitis, malaria prophylaxis
    Etc et el
    Will never take this harmful MRNA shot ever ever ever ever
    Or go near a hospital where people with respiratory illnesses
    End up dead

    • “in order to attend K and special toddler programs …..”

      “This month, a team of researchers published an article in Developmental Psychology. It looked at the effects of pre-K on children’s academic achievement and behavior through the sixth grade.

      “Children randomly assigned to attend pre-K had lower state achievement test scores in third through sixth grades than control children, with the strongest negative effects in sixth grade,” the researchers found”.

      The absence of a father and mother being close to value, guide and nurture.

      Paying money whores and ideologues to guard them.

      • Not worried
        Parents over Mensa
        Chrildren highly intelligent
        Excellent fine motor coordination
        And listening skills
        4 year old already reads
        Could do private schools or tutors

      • Not worried
        Parents over Mensa
        Chrildren highly intelligent
        Excellent fine motor coordination
        And listening skills
        4 year old already reads
        Could do private schools or tutors
        Teaching her chess

      • Thank you Morticia.

        “And it didn’t effect my two years ago
        Single parent
        Both in classes for gifted”

        This just reminds me of Trudeau’s childhood:
        “Trudeau’s parents announced their separation on May 27, 1977, when he was five years old”

        Did you know that by aged 5 children reject themselves and believe they are Gay or Transgender or are never weened off from their mothers’ affection?

        …”his nanny Dianne Lavergne was quoted, “Justin is a mommy’s boy, so it’s not easy, but children’s hurts mend very quickly. And they’re lucky kids, anyway”

        Affectionless children aspire to the attention of intellect and championing their specialness. Gays, Transgender and Cucks surround themselves with prestige. Drawn to the activism of Politics, theater, psychology and law for a fairer world. Less-so for cold sciences, where math is white cis-gender oppression.

        “Parents over Mensa
        Chrildren highly intelligent
        Excellent fine motor coordination
        And listening skills
        4 year old already reads
        Could do private schools or tutors
        Teaching her chess”

        All commendable achievements, but what of the recreational parks and exploration of Nature so there is no fear of snakes, rats and spiders? The teamwork of self-defence classes to know their own bodies as belonging to themselves, and the counter-intuition to deal with false hegelian dichotomies?

        They have two brain hemispheres. Two distinct personalities. Mothers and fathers will utter these voices of latitude and longitude. Their children observe – a partnership, a sub-dom relationship, or outside agents controlling and paying for the home. Can the children take criticism gracefully?

        If no, then the statement “do not resist evil” becomes blind to them:
        “When we see evil like this, we must name it, confront it, resist it and defeat it. If we do not, we should not pretend that we follow Jesús. And churches and supposed Christians who are silent at this moment are making a clear choice for hate over love,…”

        ‘Love conquers Hate.’ It never works. And evil enters the home in a shiney dress of Preferential Identity.

        What minds of the next generation are you protecting?

  2. Dispatching unborn babies isn’t going fast enough for the ghouls.
    Selling their tiny parts to labs and universities, harvested while the baby is living, is not making enough money for them. Brains, hearts, kidneys, livers, these are all in demand. They must be taken while the baby is alive. Cortez saw this when he came to the Americas, the Aztecs were doing it and so are we.
    They are vile to even seek FDA approval, and the FDA is corrupt and evil to consider it.
    We expect God not to exact his wrath on us, when we commit such heinous crimes.
    God protect children, who are under attack in the most disgusting ways.
    Parents, for the love of God, don’t give your babies a shot they don’t need.

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