And the plan for Trudopia takes shape: Links 1, February 1, 2022

1. WHO objects to Denmark’s dropping of all Covid-justified restrictions

(This is a Global video. Global is part of the CBC CTV Global enemy propaganda network. Anything they produce must be seen in that context)

2. Truckers in Ozzie Capitol!

3. Trudeau exposed for the petty tyrant he is on FOX

4. Protestors did call for violence and waved terrorist flags and also demanded the death of Jews this past weekend in Canada.

Stunning silence on that from the PM and his band of arse licking lackeys. Actual genocidal hate-filled terror supporters and all the PM’s vitriol is reserved for middle class Canadians who want basic human rights. What is the word for that?

Communist. Speaking of which…

5. Trudeau appears to be ramming through bill C-10, which will destroy any freedom or equality of speech on the internet. To get a sense of how this will be used, just check the other items in this post. Middle class, law abiding hard working Canadians will be called hate-filled, racist, misogynist and every other Marxist attack word in the book, while groups that openly call for the death of Jews and are violent as a point of central dogma in their religion, they will get a total pass. Even a subsidy.

Thank you all who care enough to dare to know, and dare to share.


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4 Replies to “And the plan for Trudopia takes shape: Links 1, February 1, 2022”

  1. Chris Jones.
    He predicted this – any time now, thugs would be coming for him and his devices. He’s posted quotes from the koran, absolute hate speech.

    He’s MIA for too long…
    Has he learned how to tap out an SOS from his prison cell?

    Chris has said that he just feels like lurking sometimes.
    If you're hanging out, Chris, be sure to study Gulags for Dummies.

  2. I can only say one thing to all of this;
    As long as the vast majority is comatose to what is happening right in front of them for much longer, the awakening will be a real BLOODY one.

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