The protest officially begins: Trucker convoy post for January 29 2022

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The Media are manipulating you by your Fear, and they are paid for it. DICTATORSHIP Wake Up

In the spirit of the new, authoritarian and Marxist-Maoist Canada, the provincial government of Nova Scotia implements a new “highway safety” bill which in fact is in truth a law that forbids actual Canadians from supporting the Trucker convoy from the East of Ontario. Classic, sneaky, deceptive lefitst modus operandi

Nova Scotia bans gatherings along highway in support of trucker freedom convoy

Nova Scotia has made it illegal to gather alongside the interprovincial highway in support of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy.

The provincial government announced the directive Friday afternoon, claiming that “allowing people to gather in those areas would put themselves and others at risk.”

Although called a “Highway Blockade Ban” on the government’s press release, and is nominally directed towards “prohibiting protesters from blockading Highway 104 near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border,” the ban also covers supporters of trucking convoys.

From UK: Live stream of Ottawa

Meanwile, Canada’s national broadcaster gets ready to inform us all

Sunset January 29

Here is a decent sense of the crowd size at around 1:30 this afternoon. Remember though, the streets were packed for blocks and blocks on all sides of the Hill

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  1. Interesting times has taken an even more interesting twist. The non globalist world is very interested in events here and say we are leading the way to freedom. That is a big responsibility. Let us do it. One of the most beautiful aspects is that it is happening in the dead of winter. How fucking Canadian is that?

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