Setting up liveblog over at RAIR Foundation for the protest in Ottawa

This is from Wednesday night, two full days before the Convoy was scheduled to arrive in Ottawa. People from as far as three rivers and Montreal came up early to make sure they were counted among those demanding their most fundamnetal rights back from the Maoist PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

To the best of our ability, we are going to try and live blog some of the events of this coming protest in Ottawa at RAIR at this link. Please check in there as able to see what we can find to show you as able. Chances are, the various governments, who control not just the media, but also the internet and ‘social media’ will make it very difficult to post to FB and Twitter etc.

During the 2019 Trucker’s Convoy which was in effect a Yellow vest protest, Facebook shut down all feeds from the area. which was quite an eye opener in a couple of ways frankly. The proof of that is in the interview below which I was doing right as they cut off all live feeds from downtown Ottawa to FB from the Convoy. Mark Friesen:

There is already a profound amount of dishonesty from the government about the nature and size of this event. Today, there was even a truck with a confederate flag alongside a Canadian flag on the back driving around downtown. Clearly this is part of the Maoist mass line narrative attack. What you could literally call a “false flag” attack on the event. but at the end of the day, its an attempt to discredit something truly amazing and beautiful, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, and for sure the biggest protest in Canadian history, they will try and hijack and besmirch and in any way possible to ruin it and its effects using false narratives.

You can see it already in the coverage today.

Do you ever hear CTV say, “So called ANTIFA”? No. They will even call them “anti-fascists” in order to cover for their jackboot actions with a veneer of virtue, when in fact they are literally fascists. They even dress like them. But for the Trucker’s convoy they call it a “so called freedom rally”. They do this because the plan is to try and make it look like a “far right wing extremist” event. By inserting things like this:

Note the messaging on the post. “It’s exactly what I thought it would be”. This is psychological warfare. More accurately, a Maoist mass line narrative attack. They are trying to use what is probably a government op, or a proxy government group like ANTIFA, and don’t kid yourselves, ANTIFA is on government payrolls, and we have proved it repeatedly, to make it look like everyone really knew this protest was “far right wing racist white supremacist” yada yada wuzza wuzza to discredit what is the Woodstock of freedom demonstrations, and is inspiring similar protests right now ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Please stay tuned to RAIR Foundation, as well as this site and all your favorite websites to try and get a sense of what is actually taking place.

UPDATE: I would like to add this link to The Conservative Treehouse. They have it pretty much down. They accuse Trudeau of using the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals literal playbook in dealing with the people’s attempt to stop his Marxist revolution from completing.

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  1. The Confederate flag is a Battle Flag! For the South, it was a symbol of freedom and used to rally the troops….just like any other battle flag!
    It rightfully identifies with Regimental Guidons and Colors……even the Coat of Arms on a warrior’s shield…..or the pennant on a lance!
    It has been maligned by the Libtards and identified with racism et al.

    • Yes, of course Major Tom. However our info-war enemies know that the flag disparages our side in the eyes of the sheep. Loss of credibility equals loss of power and momentum and they know this. Look for many twists this weekend to discredit the movement.

    • You are of course 100% correct and the fact that that flag has been so maligned shows the level of just how low and ignorant the populace has degenerated to.
      Speaking the truth or being proud about traditional American values now is taken as some sort of bigotry by the wicked masses on the left.


    The Alexandra Bridge linking Ottawa and Gatineau was closed to traffic at 6 p.m. Friday until further notice. In an media release, Public Services and Procurement Canada cited “a load restriction” for the closure. During this period, the boardwalk will be closed and pedestrians and cyclists will use the centre lane. Lane reductions were also reported on the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge.

    In a separate release, PSP also cited load restriction for land closures on the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge beginning at 8 p.m. Friday. Two lanes in each direction on the bridge will be open to vehicular traffic.

  3. CBC – Concerns with extremist groups trying to take over protest convoy

    ( 8 min 11 )

    Ginella Massa talks to Mike Millian from the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada and Evan Balgord from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network about concerns extremist groups promoting violence are trying to take over the protest convoy and what can be done about it.

  4. CBC – Anger over Holocaust symbols used in protests

    Holocaust survivors say they’re angry about seeing yellow stars and swastikas being used in protests against vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions.

    They also say they feel traumatized by protesters comparing COVID-19 restrictions to those imposed in Nazi Germany.

    • Maybe angry, disgusted.
      But traumatized?

      – – Projection, Snowflake. You DO trauma; they’ve LIVED it.

      – – Or a crafty act to manipulate the manipulators. (A tactic deployed against trivialization of the Holocaust. Which seems to be a lost cause, more’s the pity.)

      – – Or they may simply be attention whores. Same percentage of those as in any other demographic.

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