All things Trucker Convoy to Ottawa for Friday, January 28, 2022

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Fuel tanker rolled on northbound 416, blocking trucker route, certainly planned…CBC reported gleefully on it just now

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  1. I want to again just offer a simple “Thank you” Vlad, for keeping us appraised. May your country be blessed with the removal of a tyrannical and petty PM. And hopefully the people can find a good leader with a backbone.

    • The people have the backbone; the Canadian people are leading the world!

      The Euros whiffed on blocking the critical port of Trieste. Dock workers there threatened a general strike which would’ve snarled the Continent and its globalist masters. After they were bought off with hasty exemptions, that was that.

      Italians have been entertaining themselves (and us) with performative “protests” every weekend for months. Why haven’t they taken their show to Trieste – on weekdays – a strategic target that could be paralyzed with “peaceful protests”?

      Appeasers and collaborators.
      Same could be said of countries other than Italy.

      Canadians never hesitated to sacrifice their blood to help free Europe from its own tangled bowels. While others posed as great powers, Canadians remained modest and kept their own counsel.

      Run silent, run deep.
      Not whining, they’re doing.

      Though tolerant and patient to a fault, never underestimate the essential toughness of the Canadians. A nation of pioneers, not a climate for the weak and lazy.

      Ice hockey, not croquet.

  2. PLEASE watch and share this video as widely as possible.

    by Janet Ossebaard, Jan 23, 2022

    Taking a page from the FBI-instigated Jan 6 Capitol “insurrection,” Belgian Antifa, Police and Media collaborated last weekend to create a 180* false image from what actually happened during a totally happy and peaceful freedom rally against forced mRNA injections.

    Antifa and Police staged a 100% bogus “violent riot” at EU headquarters in Brussels. This stage-managed Kabuki show was then broadcast across Europe as “Anti Vaxxers Attack Police at EU building!!” European television totally blacked out the actual massive peaceful freedom rally.

    Please pay attention. This type coordinated “discrediting operation” will be used in every nation where the people are standing up for freedom and against globalism and forced injections. Police, Antifa and the MSM will perform their dance for the cameras to make freedom-lovers appear to be dangerous terrorists.

    Be sure that something like this will happen in Ottawa, Canada to discredit the massive and historic Truckers Freedom Convoy. Expect a false-flag operation, perhaps an 18-wheeler driving through a pro-govt crowd. Anything to flip the script and turn the glorious Freedom Convoy into a symbol of terrorism and evil. And THIS is the message that will then be broadcast on global media.

  3. When Trudeau calls the unvaccinated ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists, ‘anti-science’ and ‘extremist’ and asks – ‘Do we tolerate these people?’ – he is, I believe, contemplating a violent police/military response.

    Remember Tiananmen Square – the same mentality now rules the Canadian government.

    • My suspicion is he wants to create a Maoist mass line. That is to say, he wants to create real hatred and enmity between groups of Canadians that he basically creates by their obedience to the vaxx order.

      He makes those who do not take it appear to be a threat to the good, obedient collectivists.

      Shaming and eventually perhaps some kind of people’s militia, I suspect Obama wanted one of those, better funded and equipped than the military I think was his actual words, to take over the task of subjugating and making example of thje individualist people.

  4. Yes. The RCMP and OPP will be assisting the Ottawa Police Force.
    It’s always the same groups that disrupt, sometimes called in by our dear leaders as infiltrators.

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