The protests have already started at Parliament hill TWO DAYS EARLY!

It is an amazing atmosphere on the Hill tonight. A full two days before the protest is even called for, maybe 30 people are on the hill in a jubilant mood and great spirits. Its almost like for the first time in a long time, they feel hope. I spoke with people from as far as Three Rivers Quebec that came up to join the Convoy, and even some who drove up from Montreal and plan to sleep in their car for as long as it takes to end these tyrannical mandates. More soon!

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  1. There is definitely a feeling of hope and happiness in the air.

    I was just listening to the Quebec French media and they paint a somber picture. The usual, lies and lies of omission. But at least, they’ve started covering the event. They also said it is all Far-Right Extreme people who are involved.

    Apparently, the Sargeant-at-Arms of the Parliament has issued a dire warning to all elected officials and residents of the area also to the effect of probable terrible violence. IMHO, Justin Trudeau is behind that press release.

    The unilingual French Quebecer is clueless, in fear, and awaiting a catastrophic event.

    Reading the comments, it’s so obvious most Quebecers applaud the #FreedomConvoy2022.

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