Ontario government gaslights father over 17 YO son’s vaxx death: Links 2, January 27, 2022

1. Avi Yemeni gets threat of two years in jail for report made on police thuggery during protest. Do watch this.

2. Trudeau tests positive for Covid and decides to self isolate far far away from Canadians who want basic freedoms back. But wait!!

3. Trudeau was exposed to Covid but tested negative, but decided to hide from the truckers for a week “at home” anyway. Lots of trucks. Probably enough to hang out near the Governor General’s expanse I bet.

A few sample comments:

4. This may be the key to a lot of things. Please click though to RAIR foundation and read the related materials. This father lost a son to the vaccine and all levels tried to cover it up. He had to get his OWN autopsy done to try and find out what happened, because the official one stonewalled him by saying cause of death, unacertained. But everyone knows it was the vaxx killed his son. His son had to get it in order to play hockey. Coercion works. And it killed his young son. But do click though. The details of how this family was abused by the various Ontario government services matters in this story.


Thank you all who are putting in the effort for this site, and for the restoration of individual liberty.

This weekend will show us all a thing or two about the nature of the relationship between government and the people. We suspect the government will use the kinds of highly dishonest and anti-people tactics the US government did on January 6. Beware of Ray Epps and all that may be acting as one.

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  1. 2- The things is, you needn’t be all heroes and superstars to be victorious. You need only a simple plan and all men moving in the same direction, with each man understanding his role, and concentrating on executing his job. Then, great things can happen:


  2. Not surprising Australia is in the extremist fascist state
    They are all descendants from criminals
    They must have a much higher than normal psychopathic
    And sociopathic population…ripe for corporate criminal behaviour
    And political actions leading to total power over the masses

    Canadians are apathetic vegetarians and easily moved into
    Lockstep through mass formation psychosis.

    Media is complicit in this heinous crime…

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