Which person more accurately reflects the views of Canada and Canadians?

This guy…

or this guy?

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4 Replies to “Which person more accurately reflects the views of Canada and Canadians?”

  1. This twit does not represent me ! I did not vote for him! He is, in my estimation, a criminal. I long for the day to see him in orange, wearing leg irons, manacles and on his way to the gibbet!

  2. For an idea of what kind of hockey player Theo Fleury was, watch this. One of the smallest players in the NHL populated by physical titans, his tenacity made him quintessentially Canadian. It would be nice to see more hockey heroes speak up at this time:


    • Thanks for the uplifting video.

      When I saw Trudeau yesterday speaking about the #FreedomConvoy2022, I saw worry in his face. He reaffirmed he speaks for all Canadians and he will not be changing his mind.

      Because of his family name and looks, the guy has rarely been opposed by anyone. He has a very nasty streak, style ‘Submit or get out’.

      This would be the first time in his life he is faced with a formidable opponent and he knows there isn’t much the Army can do.

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